How To Avoid Drama As An Expat

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Author: V. Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. You are perfectly right to not care what those people or that person says about you. Your real friends know the truth about you and, you are allowed to chose who you want to associate with.
    Another good video sir. It’s a shame how some grownups have to be reminded how to be adults.

  3. I’m always grateful for your point of views. You set the bar for good behavior for every expat. Thank you always for your example.

  4. Your the man-Yes we can easily fall in love with pretty ladies but -be careful when we say-I love you or I want to marry you or I will take care of you! Stop and think first!

  5. great advice…. Just don’t “Lend” money…. its basically a gift… Because in fact you will never get it back… and if you try there is only “you” become the a hole… Also do not live near the Family of the lady you are with…. You just brought the bank nearer to the Family Doorstep…

    90% of your happiness or sadness in life depends upon who you choose as your companion in life….

  6. I have a scarcity mindset about my money — no matter how much I have, I am always scraping bottom! This has always kept the leeches away.

  7. I was smiling, looking at that alarm clock sitting on the shelf 🙂 And true enough, those are very smart advices. Choosing the right company is key to quality and peaceful life.

  8. That was funny when you said fulfill your promise for a loan, but you will never see the money, sounds one sided promise to me. lol

  9. Reekay, ( no disrespect, just saying ) times have changed a lot since 2012.

  10. Good vid !!
    Always generous w/youngsters in my old hood. Me & g/f walked
    to dinner once & I said the old phrase “see u later” to 3 of them. Little did I know they interpet that differently than I do & not realizing they were waiting near our gate when we returned 2 hrs. later. LOL
    U need thick skin here. I have NO problem saying NO & being rather blunt & to the point though being
    respectful/fair about it. If yur a marshmallow here u will b toasted !!!!

  11. Also drama can be a way of life for some people . It’s just what they are used or became comfortable with !! Also Pride versus Humility can be an issue along with accountability !!!

  12. Fantastic General life education Video wherever you may live !! I learned this through life some hard, some, easy ..

  13. Those “expat in the phillipines” facebook groups are some of the most toxic groups I’ve ever been in. I wouldn’t want to meet 99% of those people in any country, let alone the phillipines.

  14. I have a small circle of pinoy male friends (besides male family members) with common interest that i found through either my time in the US Navy or online groups, which are mostly financial or betterment groups where men are already on their purpose. Avoiding other expats and locals with that squatters mentality has cut out like 90% of drama during my time here. I have a personal belief that if i wanted to be neck deep in expats or people here on vacation every day, I would have just stayed in America. You never know what baggage someone else is bringing along with them, and it’s not something that I always want to deal with. I know it’s not something everyone can do though, especially when the dream that’s being sold is drinking endless san mig hanging out with other expats and filipinas on the beach.

  15. Good advice. I learned a lesson from a story I believe came from you of a begging expat in Mcdonalds who approached 2 expats sitting at a table eating their breakfast. He asked for some money and the reply was a simple “I don’t loan money”. I wrote that down in my book of compiled information for expat life. I believe that is a strong lesson to know. One I intend to fallow. Thanks for your wisdom.

  16. Reekay, I promise to honor all of my promises when Pinays start honoring even 50% of their’s.

  17. Top 3 DRAMA KILLERS 1. NOTHING in the PHILLIPINES must HAPPEN TODAY. NOTTTTTHING! Tomorrow ALWAYS WORKS. And the DAYAFTER…always works. ANYTHING IMPORTANT WAITS. Answer 1 is…NOT TODAY. MAYBE NOT TOMORROW. 2. NOTHING IMPORTANT HAPPENS without FULL PAPER. Notice how Filipinos ALWAYS have a old school “MANILA ENVELOPE” full of papers. You DESERVE every piece of paper they have. FULLY DOCUMENTED. We can go just as FAST as I get every piece of paper. MOST DRAMA PEOPLE ARE ALREADY RUNNING FROM YOU. Need meds…do we have a doctors order. PAPER. What doctor…what office…what location…what EXACT recommendations. 3. NOW most important…NEVER let a point of entanglement DANGLE. NEVER DANGLE the ENTANGLE. DRAMA people ALWAAAAAYs never quite have the whole deal together…but just one piecce missing…we can easily get later. NOPE…all details laid out on table in paper. Not today. BUKAS. Tomorrow. BUKAS BUKAS Maybe the next day.

    If they can not TRULY get THEIR shiFt together…why should you have your stuff together…slow it down…and require EVERYTHING to make sense so you CAN FULLY COMMIT.

    Great advice Reekay!

  18. There is a 4th option to requests for money. No response, which is what I do. Either ghosting them on WhatsApp or just ignoring the question completely.

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