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facetime with reekayI am now making time for private consultations, via web-cam (Skype or Facebook Video-Chat) on a scheduled basis.  This is a chance for you and I to speak via web-cam and address your questions on all things related to life in the Philippines.  From lodging, transportation and visas to cultural differences, dating approaches, money management and more.

Consultation time is private and confidential.  Whether it be questions on the culture, immigration requirements, travel accommodations, dating practices, night-life, tourist spots, relationships.. we can cover it all together via real-time video-chat on Skype, Facebook-Videochat or Whatsapp.

Consultation times are in 1-hour increments at $40 per hour.  

Useroadduma-icon the PayPal link below to make payment.  I will then contact you by email to finalize the time/date.  Appointments are made 2 days in advance unless other arrangements can be made.  

Schedule an Appointment:

I am usually available (with 2-days notice) from 10am-9pm, Philippines-time.  Use the following link to compare CEBU with your own time-zone.

Once you have used the Paypal button below, I will contact you for the following information via Email.

  • Preferred Date/Time for Appointment (2 day notice)
  • Your Country/City (for Time Zone)
  • Your Facebook, Skype or Whatsapp info (to connect via Video online)

You can use the Paypal link below for online payment of $40usd/hour.

Consultation time is mutually private and confidential.  Session time may not be recorded, reproduced, distributed or published in any manner or medium including but not limited to youtube, websites, mp3 or print.  All rights reserved.  No consultation given shall be construed as legal advice, always consult with an immigration attorney prior to making any relevant decisions. 


  1. Congrats with your new business idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of luck! Maybe you could follow up with Personal help with setting up bank accounts, and fixing visa, and giving introductions to how/where to get acr card and so on.. Full service package.. Just an idea i think could work..

  2. I can only imagine how some people try to occupy all your time with endless questions. This is a great way to separate those truly looking for information and those who just want a "chat" buddy. I think you are doing an awesome service and I would also charge for my time if I was in your shoes. Hope you get lots of business. I will use your service here soon with regards to some vague and general business questions about dumaguete.

  3. thanks. while i do try to help people out via FB pm's, despite devoting 2 hours a day to just comments & mssg's, i still can't keep up or answer everyone. and that's not counting e-mail or forums.

    but yes, this way i can carve out time in the day on an appointment basis for those in need of specific info tailored to their trip.

  4. I admire u Henry for doing this and keeping ur messages alive and now being able to update to the atest video advancements urs jim Bates

  5. Hi Reekay…. What is the best way to get to Davao from LAX?? Someone told me to fly on Singapore airlines – but that goes to Japan (Narita) first – then Singapore then another flight on MI 588 to Davao!! (30 hrs travelling time)!!! Is there something better?? My email is gombey100@gmail.com!! Tks in advance for your anticipated coop!!!

    1. You must understand That Reekay has to properly for the consultation. He must have all materials readily available to be able to intelligently discuss the subjects you requested. The man is human there is research and preparation involved and this takes time. Is your time not worth anything. This is a very reasonable rate. Check and see what an Attorney
      or financial advisor would charge.

  6. a similar expat with knowledge of thailand charges over $90 per hour. $35 is actually very reasonable. especially considering i've saved several guys lots of money on booking their tickets or getting lodging and avoiding taxi scams. (y)

  7. I read a posting on the Forum….concerning crimes against “White” foreigners..I mean it was disturbing at best…and let’s dispense with the cliques “it really depends on your attitude”,..etc…This post went on about murders, and burglars, and muggings, and fake rape charges, and bank tellers “flagging” you when you make deposits or withdraw, There where comments about…boyfriends or friends of boyfriends…or gangs of 4. Don’t get drunk at the bar…don’t go to hotels here or this place or that..geez….I about to cancel my entire dream…someone give me some light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. look at it this way.. in your own home-country a group could gather up just as long a list of horror stories. i know that’d be very easy to do for a city like los angeles, houston, phoenix, new york, etc. so take it all with a grain of salt. plenty of us expats have been living north of mindanao for decades without having the sort of hassles mentioned. i’d say running into a cheating taxi-driver is about the most common item you’d run into. but car-jackings, murder, theft.. those happen on every nation. plenty of beaches and provinces to see and enjoy, natural wonders and tourist spots to only focus on the negative aspects. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Watch out for the taxi drivers at Cebu port. Got off the ferry from Bohol and there was not a meterred taxi in sight. The taxis there are not in the port, so they are not paying a fee to the port to pick up fares there, but they tried grabbing my bags and telling me the fare was 600 pesos, l said 300 pesos, they kept trying to grab my bags, so l told them where to go, using fairly colourful language and parade ground volume, they backed off then. I had previouly caught a meterred taxi from Ayala Mall to the same resort on Mactan island for 276 pesos, l gave him 300 pesos and told him to keep the change and he said thank you. I walked down the road 100 metres and flagged down a taxi – Surprise, surprise, no meter, negotiated a fare of 350 pesos, but the taxi driver kept opening the window and the door and spitting in the road – l got the message and told him if he didn’t stop his behaviour, l would get out and walk across the bridge and he could forget about getting paid. Ned & Michell talk about ‘Amor Propio’ and ‘Hiya’ – The taxi drivers there have none of that, they are just content to hustle and rip off ignorant tourists.

    1. I’ve had the same experience there at Pier 1, in Cebu. I walk past all the pier taxis, to the AA BBQ which is 2 blocks down the street. I have a shake or some lunch and then catch a taxi from there that is passing by.. those ones use the meter. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Thanks mate l seem to recall saying something like this before which was why l didn’t put up with their attempts to rip me off.

  9. Great idea here Reekay, and great value too, one could save themselves a lot of money with your words of wisdom and very easily more than recoup the cost of your advice. You give so much in your you tube vids already, thank you…but I would like to have a 1 – 1 with you about, chat soon.

  10. Last night (for me here in CA), I had a nice chat with Reekay about some ideas and some direction in my quest to live there in the Dumaguete area. Great stuff, very enjoyable chat, Reekay is a straight shooter. Hope to buy him a burger one of these days there!

  11. I spent several days at a resort near Dauin and enjoyed the pace of life there. I was wondering why you chose this area out of all the islands in PH.

    1. It was just chance really, but a change I am glad I made. My previous neighbor had taken one of the units here and I’d come to visit him. It just turned out that they’d gotten a vacancy. Out of curiosity I took a look at it since I was already there. My buddy was very happy being a bit removed from the main city of Dumaguete. So I visited the place again later in the week and decided to make the move. Even though it cost more and had less square footage than my previous place, it’s been a good decision.

      I like the peacefulness and having the beach just a short walk away. I don’t go “to town” unless I have a good reason, so having gotten pretty good internet access (4-15mbps), I can go 3 or 4 days here without a care in the world. I’ve also taken up snorkeling and from Bacong to Dauin are plenty of small reefs to check out.

      1. Glad to know you have overcome previous apprehensions regarding snorkeling. The Php offers some of the best on the planet….Enjoy!

  12. Hi Reekay,

    I would like to set up a 1 hr. consult but the contact form doesn’t seem to be working,
    Can you follow up with me?

    1. Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow. For others, the Contact Form has been replaced with an e-mail which is for setting up Facetime appointments.

  13. This year we used the beach at Thunderbird resort, in Dauin, $60 peso charge, but the beach was not that special. Where can we go in Dauin so we can use a nice beach, we do not mind paying an admission fee? Thanks much.

  14. Henry , great idea. You have the knowledge and demeanour as well. Good for you . Best of luck with it ! Do you plan to stay in the PH for how long ?

    1. I plan to stay in the PH indefinitely, I came here to retire (early). So long as we expats are welcome here. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I’ve been doing the Facetime appointments for over a year now and everyone has been very happy with it. I can focus on their particular questions and plans so it’s very productive.

  15. Your YouTube and Reekay radio have magnetized my desire to realize your environment, and to some day visit Cebu, and the Dumaguete vicinity. Before that visit, I’ll do more purging of what I don’t need, – to minimilize into living light. Thank you for taking the time to share.

  16. I have been searching how to send you a quick message in private but was unable to find that so I am asking you publicly: “I am coming out there March 28th for two months need a place to rent furnished and with a kitchen that has a stove, refrig., at least”… I plan on cooking there to save money… I have been there many times and learn how to save better each time… “So can you help me with this?” you and I have talked for an hour on facetime in the past

  17. The chat sounds good. I am going to try to connect in next 7 days, at the hourly rate above depends on my work schedule and Reekays time avail.

    TY Mike

  18. I have visited the Philippines four times over the past 6-7 years so I thought I knew quite a bit about the country already. I spent an hour with Reekay and learned more about the Phils than all four of my trips combined. We chatted about cost of living, filing taxes, how to rent apartments, bank accounts, how to secure your belongings and even found time to chat about dating. I highly recommend a session with this gent. It is more than well worth your time and money. I will be going back for another session once I pull the trigger and retire overseas in the next year and a half.

  19. Heeeeeyyyyyy Reekay,I’m looking forward to your bachelor course videos.
    I really enjoy your videos.take care.

  20. Reekay,
    I need a favor.
    I will be moving there in 5 months and I want to subscribe to a new service called AmericanTV2go.
    There is an issue of bandwidth speed.
    Could you please contact Tyler Sherwin at americantv2go.com and let him run a test? No Charge.
    Mark B

  21. Howdy
    Say hey if I see you around. Moved my family here May 21 2017. We are in San Miguel living in rented house next to our lot for a new house. From Texas , retired. Wife very kind and glad to be home after 7 years in US. We have 2 baby girls giving meaning to our lives. I enjoy you, Bud and Ned doing such hard work. Life has 2 sides, you present it well in the way that has hopefulness and it is inspiring.
    Doug Ashley

  22. Hi Henry โ€œReekayโ€, I was born and raised in SOCAL as a Ward of the Court I resently tuned into you by accident (You Tube). I retired nine years ago, Iโ€™m now sixty one. Iโ€™m a retired Business Agent Ironworkers Local 433 Las Vegas/Los Angeles. I have met a lot of people from all around the world most of them good people. The one percenters of the population are losers they have their own personal issues, the haters are not worth your time.
    Keep the great out on life. I will track you down one day I have a lot of social stories of life for you. Iโ€™ve enjoyed your journey. Best Regards Brother. Chuck Lenhart

  23. Hi and Hello MR. REEKAY My name is Frank Adder I will tell you a little bit about me I live in Michigan I have a Fiancee in Cebu she is from consolacion province how does it cost to subscribe to your channel every month I work for FCA Fiat Chrysler america I will probably retire to the Philippines in about 5 years from now I love watching your videos I am like you I hate drama to you are a very lucky man to have finely met your soulmate I am really happy for you my I am a videofile that is my thing I love watching movies I want to recommend a website for you and the site is gamer’s little playground I watch alot of game movies on there also I have to ask you is dumegetey Philippines a good place for an a person to settle down in for retirement do you miss living in dumegetey Philippines at all and are the prices there reasonable for living and I say on your livecast that you said that you now have to have a U.S. Visa to be able to get into the Philippines is that true? wen do you do your livecast is it everyday? and how do I contact you or get in touch with you by phone or video chat with you on Facebook messenger sometimes thank you in advance for reading my email sincerely. Frank Adder bye for now.

    1. hello frank. ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, i’ve been to consolation before, nice place and near the beaches to the north, up the highway.

      you can subscribe to my Patreon for $3/month at this link.. http://bit.ly/reekays-bachelor-course which gives you access to my videos there, not available on youtube (currently).

      i will later this month be announcing a Youtube membership which will have much more new content available, just for members. ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. p.s. the PH needs to announce they are issuing PH Visas again before anyone expats can enter the country. likely this will happen if/when the airport terminals announce they are accepting international flights again. you can check at the following link for updates… http://virusnewsupdateslive.com

  24. Hi MR. REEKAY this is Frank Adder again I am not tech savvy at all I am sorry for my long comment before thank you sincerely. Frank Adder. bye.

  25. Hi MR. REEKAY I hope and pray that You and your girlfriend are doing well and fine thank YOU sincerely. Frank Adder. bye.

  26. Hey Henry! I would like to forward vlogger Dan at Vagabondbuddha/Vagabond awake as an addition to your new venture. Dan’s GF is from Malaysia. He’s been traveling 13 or so years and issues reports for each of the places he’s lived in or visited. (65 or so countries?)

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