Expats Leaving The Philippines

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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    In this video I discuss, “Expats Leaving The Philippines”

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    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Sorry to hear that you cannot have the best of both worlds Sir. From the tone of this video, it seemed as if you were griping about life in the Philippines and giving reasons why expats would like to leave in a heartbeat. Anyway, I also had to give up lots of comforts I enjoyed in the U.S. But, many expats do not appreciate the intangibles that surround them in the Philippines. Take care Reekay. Your videos are very informative and intellectual. Much appreciated. P.S. Did you read about my comment on the BI numbers?

  2. I come when its posibel , But i was happy i got out 1 april coz i am 72 y and i Would have been lockdown in my House all that 8 month, But its cold in Denmark now grey and snow and rain ,, i do not like sutch wether , i want warm and swimm in Ocean

  3. I’m now in southamerica living but in my opinion the situation there is best for guys like you living with gf or wife and supporting each other every day … ☀️
    Single to dating there is gone same like in pattaya Thailand

    1. yes, so much is ‘dead’ everywhere. not many places to take a date. and some places the condos won’t allow visitors.

  4. you will never find the women in Mexico like you do in the Philippines , i live in the Dominican Republic nearly 18 years and I am waiting to move to the Philippines. I am Canadian

  5. Not leaving..its home..I just follow the rules
    My social life is restricted. But internet is good.
    Also for fitness the condo pool is open daily.
    Minor stuff after 13 months here.
    For me.. the world has covid restrictions..so,,,?
    Leave if you want..

    Its restrictions

  6. Like that you addressed the issues . Many incentives to leave especially when old guys like me whom fell in love with Philippines back in 1973 compare the restrictions now ; to the freedom visitors had back then. I returned last December 2019 & wanted to stay as I love the common hard working people here & no one is missing me in The United States. I probably would have left P.I. already since the long embracing of unneeded restrictions on peoples freedoms has no validity as shown by true data on the plandemic ……. however I have fallen in love with a young lady ! I will seek a immigration status that will allow me to stay now past my visa date. I will visit immigration in early December & with an expected approval , I’ll have time to save for big wedding & a long stay since we have no plans to leave ……………..

  7. Covid is killing economy almost everywhere!!!! Now touching is dirty!!!! There’s more to all this crap!!!!

  8. Live in South Florida married to a phils nurse and we are not going anywhere until the phils stops with the covid madness

  9. I speak Spanish like English my Tagalog ok but combination of English spoken language is not much of a problem , I’m a makati warrior I lost me gf of four years who I planned to marry, give the relationship 2 years is the golden rule speaking from experience, I dream of living in dumaguete cause is so near of so many things I love , I am a palikero so I have to refrain from that some what, as far as Mexico, my Spanish is much much better than my Tagalog but Filipina’s have my heart

  10. Left the Philippines in May after becoming fed-up with the mask policy. Back in Arizona and will now be building a 2nd home in the Caribbean. Filipino’s are wonderful people and I could even deal with the horrid infrastructure but the ridiculousness of restrictions has done it for me. I spent a lot of money in the Philippines but no longer. The Philippines will eventually become a Province of China I fear.

  11. I am poor and I am stuck in the U.S. It is o.k. because I thought about it, where would I move even if I had the money? And I cannot think of any place on earth to go. America is my home, it’s what I am use to. It is flawed, no place is perfect, but I have to be happy where I am. So I am. The nature here is incredibly beautiful.

  12. Hello Sir, Jeepney in Guadajbupe is now back but i am not sure if other barangay’s or route is open. Just letting you know. Stay safe.

  13. I lived in Baja, Mexico for 3 years, loved it…we have movies in Angeles City at the SM mall now…seems to be opening up here…several of the girly bars are cafes and sportsbars now…but many hotels are going bankrupt and up for sale…Phillies, Cafe Envy, Tequila Reef, Swiss Chalet, and now Kokomos, Margarita Station and VFW are all open but they close down at night…they are open around 6 or 7 am…

  14. Cebu Business Park…is that on Salinas Reekay? I rented a condo for a month at IT Park on Salinas in late 2015…nice area.

    1. Mike i got a 5 acre farm their
      And a big house in Quezon City and a bunch of rental properties over their and i am not stepping foot their again under these crazy restrictive conditions even with everything we have invested their without FREEDOM it’s worthless to me.
      Im staying in sunny South Florida until they restore freedom.

  15. Pretty common sense really, nobody can enter and a lot of expats have to leave because of being here 3 years, two of my neighbours had to leave and have been unable to return, not really an exodus

    1. the 3-year required exit is definitely part of the reason. any large movement of people is an exodus, whatever the reasons happen to be.

  16. I left Cebu the end of June. It was very hard to get out of there at that time. Had flights cancelled five times before getting out. We have quite a few restrictions in Minnesota right now (all restaurants closed and only take-out, gyms and bars closed and we also wear masks). However, it is still less restrictive than the Philippines. I plan to return to the Philippines when thing get better and something close to normal there.

  17. The Philippines is not going to open for tourists for at least 2 – 5 years or more. That is my opinion. The reason the foreigners left, is their 36 months was up and the SRRV option has been eliminated. The foreigners that are “waiting” to come need to make other plans. It’s over folks.

  18. I’ve been here for 15 years now, in the restaurant business in Davao City, which is pretty tough going right now but no matter what, I am here for the long haul.
    Love the heat, beaches, fresh food.

  19. Majority are Asians leaving. There are tons waiting to come in. These are Parttimers that live here. Most Americans have stayed. You are not talking about expats……. You are talking about tourists. Big difference

  20. Why when Americans and Europeans moved to another country are called expats but, when people from another countries moved to the US or Europe are called immigrants ?

    1. an ‘expat’ is simply anyone living outside of their own country.
      an ‘immigrant’ is a person who is making a permanent change of country.

  21. Hoping that V is the girl that you gona marry…I saw your previous videos and the girls u had with…If you dont have plan to marry them get rid of them

    1. i know many couples who enjoy being together, even though they have no plans for marriage. not everyone is looking to get married.

  22. Reekay, I really appreciate your logical, clear, and thorough explanation of the goings-on of life there (I’m an engineer). I have corresponded with a Filipina for a year and plan to visit when the coronavirus chaos is over. My focus for possibly living in the Philippines is the Dumaguete and Valencia area. Your vlog is a real help in accumulating information about the Philippines.

  23. That is very interesting, I having been in the Philippines at Clark Air Base long time ago in 1991. I am still keen on wanting to retire there no matter what kind of restrictions. Now in my case age 58. My oldest two sons are in the military now and my daughter will be in the military in February 2021. Now, one more son left to raise as a widower and single father. He will graduate in 3 years. Then join the military too. Now my background was US Air Force Security Police and Department of Defense civilian police. So, I do roll with the tide. If it is high then I try and stay afloat, if it is low then I walk around on the ground. Many of the ex patriots I understand about their situation. Even though in my opinion, I think they should ride it out. Just save money, be simple and relax there in the Philippines. All bad things must end. When a lot of these guys go back to the world they find out that their status is different and money is more tighter. Plus, the respect of being older is not prevalent like it is in the Philippines. Living in a big city in my opinion in the Philippines is a plus. Now Mexico, if I understood the language, I could consider being there. I just love the Philippines were generally you do not have to worry about learning dialects. Stay in the Philippines ex patriots.

  24. is Sabastian who owns the French Coffee Shop in Panagsama, Moalboal still there? great sandwiches and he is the guy to talk to if you need something……

  25. Anyone in the Philippines that wants to trade places I welcome you. People think the USA is so great. It is not. The people here are cold and very unfriendly. It is a massive rat race dog eat dog mentality. People only care about money and stepping on others to get what they want out of life from a financial or status POV. It makes me sick and honestly I would rather live a much more simpler form of life where people are generally warm and kind to one another amd neighbors are friends not strangers. That is worth to me more than any dollar amount this world could ever offer. I am legally blind (yes I can see ok enough to get around mostly I just cannot legally or safely drive a car or truck) but what I have found is that my money I recieve from SSD I can live easily there and have leftovers. It might not be easy but that’s fine with me. Things that are easy are seldom worth it. Its the people that I am interested in, not so much the country even though it is very beautiful from what I have seen. And men are still valued and appreciated over there unlike here where we are fast becoming unwelcomed and many other negatives that I wont get into. I can learn to deal with the hardships ie; hot weather, undrinkable tap water, and the occasional hurricane etc…
    I am planning to come there sometime in March 2021 and I have a beautiful amazing Filipina waiting for me. We have been talking and video chatting for 6 months now so Im fairly certain she is genuine. She has had the same job for 10 years now and she is close with her family. These are all good signs to me. I cannot wait as it will be the adventure of a lifetime. As of now the only country I have visited is Canada. I must say that being a casual smoker though I am not terribly excited about a 16 hour plane flight, but even still I will survive.
    If anyone has any advice or tips and things of that nature they wish to share they will be more than welcome. I am always open to learning and being educated in a positive way. Keep the negativity away please I have no time or patience for that. Take care of yourselves and each other.

  26. im 63 i wanted to go to Vietnam and teach school but they dont accept teachers over 50. im retired. but i still want to something to make income as i like working. also cant marry in vietnam because over 50. sound liketo many rules in phillipeans too. so im staying in Florida for now. thinking of getting a crusing sailboat and sailing to the southeast asia area and anywhere else that sounds good

  27. I have been in Sunshine Village, Gen Trias, Cavite, PH for a year now. I moved here from Houston, Texas, hoping to settle down with a Filipina . I have health issues, with congestive heart failure, diabetes, and arthritis which makes running around a lot difficult. When the trikes and jeepneys were shut down, that was a hassle. However, in our area they are up and running again. I am on Medicare for disability in USA but worthless here. I came here thinking I might die, as I spent so many days in hospitals and doctors offices in US getting procedures and drugs, etc. However I have lost weight and cut drug intake by about 80%, whereas with insurance in US drugs and doctors visits and procedures ran well over $100,000 USD a year, here I buy a few items at the generic drug store and keep monthly costs around 3500 pesos a month for medical expenses so far. Finding sweet Filipinas to date and live with has been relatively easy using dating sites for me, At this point, I plan to stay. A severe down turn in my health could cause a need to go back to US, but so far all is well. I am glad o be here overall. People in general are very friendly.

  28. Expats leaving may be a good thing just like enforcing covid-19 restrictions is a good thing. If masks and social distancing were enforced in the US maybe we could get past this thing. Anyway, it doesn’t affect me. I would never live among expats or in a gated community, etc. I might as well stay in the US. I’m building a house in a barangay on a beautiful island where my wife’s family goes way back. I’m the only foreigner in the brgy that I know of which is ideal for me. Thanks for the blog.

  29. Reekay, what a great update… I have Mexico and Costa Rico on my itinerary. I’m in Hawaii now which is a complete economic disaster, but leaving for Florida which is pretty much open. A month or two in Florida then to Mexico. I was going to go to Manila, but not with all of the restrictions. As we say in NYC “forgetaboutit”. I can live cheaper in Florida than Manila.

  30. Even with a vaccine coming out in a couple weeks it may not be until the middle of next year before it gets here and the Philippines is not going to open back up till they get a vaccine

  31. I left the philippines and now live in playa del carmen mexico. I love it here but I will be back in the philippines when its open again.

  32. Hey Reekay, Thanks for the update. Probably what most of us thought was happening, this confirms it. As for me, I came to the Philippines in January and was suppose to leave in April, but left first part of September. My three months was a look see and glad i was there for the eight months, would of stayed longer. I planned on returning to take care of financial business which is mostly done. Thinking, If I had not planned on a return trip, I probably would have left at some point unless like you I had a gal I was very happy with and or things relaxed for travel. Being in Northern California (Humboldt), I plan on going South to probably Mexico for the winter. Been
    hearing about Mexico like you from others that are there. Mexico not my first choice because I plan and prefer on returning to see more of the Philippines and South East Asia for sure when things return to more normal.

  33. Reekay could it be Foreign Students, Backpacking tourists, Businessmen and long term expats living in the Philippines moving on ?.

  34. I wonder how many expats who left are regretting their decision. I’ll be back in Cebu as soon as there are signs the pandemic is in the rear view mirror. The vibe in the Philippines, despite everything, is so much better than the US right now!! It’ll be interesting to see how the number of expats in the Philippines grows in late 2021 and 2022.

  35. Yes, it makes no sense to leave the Philippines because most places have their restrictions. I am in West Hollywood California, the Mecca of entertainment and today Wednesday, they are shutting down all dining indoors and outdoor for at least three weeks. I am currently waiting for Thailand to ease the hoops that you have to jump through now and return to live. I was thinking about if Vietnam or Malaysia opens first, to go there, but I decided to stay put in the US and hopefully by March to reevaluate the situation.

  36. You lucked out by going out of the country just before all the travel restrictions 10 months ago when you went to Vietnam. Now you have 26 more months on your tourist status. I bet a good many expats had to leave due to the expiration of there status at the 3 years mark.

  37. Great video…I feel the vaccine will be a game changer and we will have to prove we had the vaccine before we can travel.

    1. The game changer was the sheeple’s hysterical reactions to the chi-nah virus scamdemic , the vaccine is just another step of subservience and compliance the borg. “Resistance is futile”

  38. I really miss Cebu. My gf and her family keep asking me when i will return. Unfortunately i can’t yet say as the restrictions in Cebu and the PH in general are never ending.

    1. for home use, having DSL or fiber is the way to go. but for the smartphone, i prefer Globe. even then, the wifi access can be nothing on one side of a building and maybe 2mbps down the block. inside a mall can be spotty as well, surrounded by so much cement.

  39. I was lucky I came to Cebu in September 2019 to go to Dumaguet but decided to stay and enjoy the night life in Cebu City since I am single. I was planning to return to Toronto in December but I may wait here till end of January 2021 to see if things improve and also visit Dumaguete in January. If Flight restrictions reduce then I can leave in January or August 2021.i like living in Mango Square area

  40. I think you will find that theres as much if not more lockdown , in other countrys Europe is a bust , Australia uk are all really lockdown , 0i will vome back there gor sure now , its been made a lot safer , thanks to the president Rodrigo dueterte

  41. It’s funny. From the comments, those there want to get out. Those not there want to get there. There’s not THAT much grass there!! Makes me laaugh!
    So, Reekay, do you have much data as to whom are leaving? I am guessing you don’t know about the chinese, or THEIR numbers. So, the expats: are they leaving for good; temporarily? What about their partners? Yeah, moalbowl. Odd place. Town and beach. Chalk and cheese.

  42. Unfortunately, I made the decision to retire here and build a house. The house is done, motorcycles are paid for…. so to change my mind at this point would be almost impossible. But….if I were single and just renting…I probably would have left already. I think the writings on the wall…. if you can see it.

    1. yah.. it’s the chance taken to secure a place for security. but then, we never know how things can change over the years. many are in the same boat there in thailand. with homes, a wife or business and now facing issues with visas.

  43. I think all the restrictions will be the norm even when they open the borders, mask will be required from now on and will probably be written into law, unless they do.come out with a vaccine.

    1. That’s bullshit. Even in CA with the initial “lockdown” we were able to go outside at will, go to the stores at will, go to the restaurants and get food at will, drive over to the beach whenever we wanted as long as we wanted. Drive down the coast, etc. The only issue was the state parks were closed and of course the stupid mask hoax rules everywhere. But that was a lot better than our family in the PI being on curfew, or only one person can go out, or checkpoints in and out of every neighborhood, or 14 day quarantines in a basketball court because you had to go to the next town to do some paperwork, or having your kids taken by the police and forced into quarantine because someone died, with no proof whatsoever that it was even related to the chi-nah virus, but please go on bashing the USA.

  44. Good topic today for me, I’ve been wanting to visit the Philippines for 2 years now. I didn’t have the means before but now do. A friend and I were planning to come next September but not sure the status. Now he has a place in Dominican Republic that we may go instead. My heart is there but the hassle is great. I understand the pandemic but don’t hear good news from there. This my first time on you channel and I enjoy it.

  45. I have bailed on the PH sadly. The gov’t is a participating member of agenda 2020. Look at Davao City for what is the future. The projections (and goals) are an 80% population reduction via starvation and death by vaccine. I am interested in any suggestions on exPat life in Mexico. Any links/tips are very welcome. Thank you guys and Reekay!

    1. Check out the Vagabond Awake channel. Dan left PI for MX and does regular cost of living updates on different towns. Seriously has me considering there instead of some other places I was considering.

  46. Reekay, have you heard anything on how Immigration there is handling expats who are coming up on being there for 3 years? Are they making them leave like normal or are they extending them? Thanks!

  47. We don’t want to be trapped there. Better to wait until later. I will never get any vaccine, so who knows at this point. Trump will be re-instated, but will Duterte remain aligned with the Globalist False Narrative? I think he will.

  48. While our intent was to return to our home in Samar last April, we will not subject ourselves to all the silly ‘nancy’ rules in the Philippines. Even with imposed restrictions here (mostly on businesses), Guam has been a good place to be during the pandemic. Our movements have never been restricted and we can shop at will (masks and social distancing guidelines are enforced). I have had more ex-pats than I can count contact me about the cost of living here, as they all are considering getting out of the PI. I even published a video about helping out a fellow ex-pat who came here from Davao. My wife and I will probably never look at the Phillippines the same way again, but it will still be home… when we do come for a visit.

  49. This situation is a pain not just to all foreigners but to locals. I understand many will leave Philippines..

  50. I’m staying in the PI. Don’t like the negative side of the restrictions but there are some positives.
    The beggars have been shipped back to Mindanao. Don’t miss having a dirty baby shoved in my face and the food gesture.
    The faux Western restos and coffee shops might not survive. Won’t hurt my feelings. I was sad when Starbucks moved in but will rejoice when they are gone. Coffee culture doesn’t belong here.
    Easier to get a room at a nice beach resort. Prices are coming down too. Fortunately there are plenty in my Province.
    Since I divorced myself from my native country I’ll make do here. No intention of returning to my old home.

  51. have thought for a while about coming there..don’t like to fly. Have met online a couple ladies there and have talked with them for over a year now. I am still up in the air about flying though. With this Covid crap, really not looking to fly in that confined space. I’m still healthy and would like to stay that way.

  52. 8 months into this pandemic, I still don’t understand why a virus with a death rate of less than .5 % has caused governments the world over to shut normal life down.

    1. “I still don’t understand why a virus with a death rate of less than .5 % has caused governments the world over to shut normal life down.
      “……..china was the first to do a shutdown because of the virus. and for some reason, most the world leaders decided……”well, the chinese are the smartest on the planet so we better follow their lead.”

    2. This FF Plandemic Event is just another play by the cabal of self appointed world ” Leaders ” to impose their police state & further impoverish the already poor people of The Philippines ! Praise Creator God , Worship His Son , The Lamb of God ……… & standby for heavy changes , soon to come ! Freedom loving peoples all over the globe are now praying & Creator Hears Their Fervent & Sincere Prayers ! Creator God Is In-Charge & Will Soon Remove Many Whom Think Their Own Reflection is better than anything or anyone ……………..

    3. Many parts of the picture here and many still to come , just like Trump said , is the virus part of a bigger picture ? I am in Cebu from Toronto and yes the restrictions are getting on my nerves but will wait until June to go back , I hate the winter and am lucky I have a wonderful lady and would be lost without her

  53. I plan to go there as soon as they allow foreigners into the country. I believe the restrictions will be minimal, maybe only mandatory face masks, by the time they open up.

  54. I am def wanting to come to the Philippines its been my dream to travel the orient Philippines my first stop waiting for passport then visa

  55. It’s not only in the Philippines the expat are leaving? Everywhere in the world especially here in Singapore so much expat left coz of the economy are struggling. However when this pandemic over for sure immigration rules will change?

  56. Go to Mexico , a sino Rita on each arm ,same as PH ,u may wait a long time and they may not let anyone over 60 into PH (then what?) even South A. rent a hotel a girl for wk can swap for another if u dont like check it out on line !

  57. I left in July No plans to come back until it is somewhat like it was in 2016. even after the vaccine they will still have travel restrictions. I doubt if the LGUs will be quick to give up the power that they have over their citizens. I think that the Philippines would like to get rid of Ex-Pats and promote package Tours (better known as Fleece and Release) Latin America has figured out how much Expats contribute to the economy, as I am sure that you are aware, many Latin American countries have very attractive Programs for retirees. Its a sure thing that people will go where they are treated the best.

  58. The magic word is vaccine.If the vaccine is available,the whole country will “normalize”gradually.Time will tell and hopefully everyone for now are playing it safe.The thing to remember is we are all in this together!

  59. I came home because of my check up.. I hope it will be normal and I can go back hopeful after the vaccine has worked..

  60. Well, on the other side of that coin, it’s certainly gotten harder to travel to the Philippines. I’m married to a Filipina, and as of a few months ago, the Philippines NOW REQUIRES ME TO GET A VISA to travel and stay in the Philippines for more than 30 days (including the two-week quarantine). The application process is onerous, very intrusive, and takes quite awhile. As an example you have to send the Philippines consulate your actual passport, your ORIGINAL marriage certificate, all your bank records, your social security card, proof of employment, etc., etc. etc. Not to mention the visa application, the fee, and everything else.

    Those of you that have ever done anything in the Philippines know how much Filipinos love paperwork, regulations, and making people wait in line. AND NOW, they want me to do things the Filipino way here in the States.

    And, the Philippines has a much-deserved reputation for fraud activities, and I’m supposed to give them all of my personal financial information?

    This visa requirement is all new, and was put in place as a result of the pandemic. I worry that now that they have instituted it, it will now be a permanent requirement regarding me going to the Philippines for an extended visit.

    1. My wife is still in the Philippines – the spousal (U.S.) visa has not yet been approved. I would be traveling alone to the Philippines.

    2. It sounds like you are applying for a 13A Visa? You can also enter the country as a Balikbayan if traveling with your Filipina spouse.

  61. I like you Reekay am very fortunate to have a beautiful woman to keep me company during quarantine. It would very difficult for a single guy to stay here alone and participate in the dating game. Your not allowed any visitors at your condo if they were not living there before the quarantine.

  62. Almost no restrictions in Vietnam but border closed so feeling trapped = leave and I can’t come back. Wish I was in Thailand.

  63. We’d like to visit my wife’s family in the Philippines. Trouble is Australia isn’t letting people out and we go to Davao that doesn’t want people in. Maybe 2022 if lucky we’ll be there.

  64. U can get back in the Philippines if U are the father of a kid there and can prove it! BC!
    That leaves out 95% of the foreigners who fathered a kid there!

  65. In the us the numbers have gone up daily 160000 at least everyday higher then in the begining now there is 3 vaccines out lock downs will get real serious again I hope the economy won’t collapse this time it’s going to be tough anywhere in the world if you haven’t been in the second wave yet God help us all

    1. I hope you realize those bullshit numbers are meaningless and you’re not just parroting the lamestream fake news globalist agenda’s narrative on purpose.

  66. I believe Ph will never be the same again like before, at least for the next two years but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, if you’re willing to adapt to the new norm enforced by the Govt whatever they may be, then you shouldn’t have a problem if you decide to live here but then again some of the new changes may not appeal to everyone

    1. hopefully this is all straightened out within another 2-years. at that point, those of us already in the ph will reach our 3-year max on a tourist-visa and end up leaving. only the married expats would be immune from leaving.

  67. if one looks at the financial impact of that as 500k is about 0.5 percent of the population but the spending of this group is going to be many time’s higher than a locals so the size f the impact on local economies will be felt, maybe not so much now as the economy has been killed, i mean it is dead and gone but one things start to move as the must then the recovery wont be anything like what it could have been with Exapt spending!

    1. as another commentor mentioned here, you don’t see any resorts bragging about how well they are doing on just the domestic tourism. (which the ph has been trying to get started)

      foriegn tourists, from the west and also the east, may not be large in numbers but bring lots of cash to spend.

  68. You need to realize that in Reekay’s case he is lucky. Some expats are single or don’t live with a girlfriend. If your GF was
    in Cebu and you happened to be in Manila or elsewhere at the time of lock down how are you going to see her? If you happened to be living with the love of your life at the time of the lock down and love it with just the two of you. You are lucky, not everyone lives with their GF. Oh… and not everyone will get along living with their GF, what if you are fighting all the time? If you can’t leave your house without a pass and curfew, socializing is tough, and if your GF is yelling at you, remember you can’t leave the house. Yes, I know you think they are perfect, but filipinas can fight, argue, yell and give you the silent treatment.

    1. yes, true. i’ve been lucky in several ways with this covid situation. the best of a bad situation, one could say. but equally true, it would hell on earth to be stuck with a contentious woman and few places you could go to get away from her. or send her home, which is what many expats would/should do.

      add to it infrequent water pressure, brownouts, less places to socialize/date and restrictions on going island to island… i can see that as wearisome and cause for many to return to the familiarity, and infrastructure, of their home-land.

  69. For me its the wearing of masks and then added to that a face shield which is ridiculous as the things now being put in place are just not based on science so we know its just political. This gets old really quickly so most are fed up, if i didn’t have a business over here id be off, and I have bene her 16 years!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I think there ting that drives me nuts is the science now points to the fact this virus has run its course and no more people are being hospitalised or dyeing then the season normal all around the world. The only ones who don’t see to see it are the politicians. In most countries killing the economy is a pain to everyone, in poorer countries like this its a death sentence and that is the real crime. The Philippines 8k deaths out of 110 million people most living check by jowl, if it was that deadly there would be body bags everywhere. Here we are filling in forms so much so i am running out of name sot call myself, job blogs didn’t last long, then I moved on the micky mouse and so on, nobody checks it is a joke, its like a race to see who can be the most stupid!.

    2. it’s become such a charade at this point. “as if” covid can’t slip under a face-shield. and then, once everyone gets past the security guard into the mall… i’d say 20% of them have their face-shield flipped-up away from their face. our last trip to SM Cebu mall, i saw a filipino with his face-shield on his head, upside-down pointing at the ceiling.

      and then the paper-form location tracing. thousands of slips of paper thrown in a box. then what? nobody is typing those into a search-able database anywhere. and i’d guess 50% of people are just scribbling nonsense on it anyway.

      meanwhile, in the food court there, which is huge, all-day-long nobody wears a mask or shield there aside from the workers. the result of all this is finding yourself constantly muttering, “this is so stupid”. you have to set aside your intelligence and ‘play along’ just so you can buy groceries or get a hamburger.

  70. I am surprised that so many men here have such an extreme hatred of their home town USA. Is America really so bad that you need to go anywhere but back home? What the hell happened to you in the USA? Are you a fugitive on the run? “Don’t go back home! Go to Mexico or ANYWHERE but home in the USA! I go to the Philippines often, but come on! If you can’t leave your house without a pass, and all the rules. I’m back in the USA now and I can freely travel around, and do 95% of everything I always did. No police are arresting me for being outside or stopping me from doing anything at least in my state. But hey don’t go back home boys! Just go anywhere but back home! Just stay in the slums of Tondo, at least it’s better then your hometown USA!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Interesting quote “a person can love their country, but choose to live elsewhere” I guess that makes sense in a way.

    2. i won’t speak for others, but for myself.. i have no hatred for the USA, far from it. i still have some hope for the future of America.

      however, it’s not where i want to live. i don’t like the social harassment or prejudices about who i date, who i vote for, or the insipidness of having to ‘prove’ i’m not racist by endorsing a bunch of vandalizing thugs. that is not the type of society i want to live in.

      me, i’d rather be in a place where i know the beach is nearby. where people don’t judge me based on their own political views. usa is fine for many, but not for me. a person can love their country, but choose to live elsewhere.

  71. My wife and have a house there but we’re not going back . I’m not dealing with this stupid lockdown there. At least here they can’t can’t make us do shit . And did you here the Philippines already congratulated Biden and he isn’t going to be President. There is to much suppression with the government there .

  72. People, people, people…you all have myopic vision. Step back and take the 30,000 feet view. Your talk about the vaccine shows you drank the Kool Aid. Talk about a “new normal’ is but a distraction. Notice that every country wants is citizens to “stay home”. Why? Notice that absolutely every country is following the same basic game plan. Why? Every detail of this international “crisis” is the same. Really? Stop thinking about your tiny personal viewpoint. This is a global “Plandemic”. Why? What has our boy Bill from Microsoft got to do with this?
    Will you all line up for something of dubious origins to be injected directly into your body? Was the virus more deadly than the seasonal flu, or just more hyped? Everyone is still wearing their rose colored glasses and that will cost you your life. Why did the landslide of votes for Trump get flipped to Biden? What will Biden do for China and the Global Elites that Trump would not do for them? There is no place on this planet to run. There is no place to hide. I have stashed gold bullion in the Caymans and also Singapore. I have a place on a lake in MidWest USA and a condo on a small island off Bohol. If there is a place of safety I have yet to find it. After months of pushing I just received my visa back to PH. I will be in country on December 1st. Why? I love a woman who cannot leave PH right now. I’d rather die with her than alone. I will help her get a visa to the US and then we can decide where it is most safe in a completely unsafe world. For years I have prepped food, water, guns, gold. I’m probably better off than 95% of this planet. And still I cannot see the ultimate safe place to live. I want what most people want…to be free and left alone from government intrusion. I ask anyone to supply answers to my questions. Of course that includes Reekay! Good luck.

    1. This is what Bill Gates is behind : https://informedchoicewa.org/education/bill-gates-and-intellectual-ventures-fund-microchip-implant-vaccine-technology/

      The Vaccine will not have any chip imbedded. The Mark of the Beast will be in the right hand or forehead (Rev 13:16-17). The vaccine will most likely be in the shoulder like all others are. He is all about putting tracking info into the skin which is not a micro chip that will be used to track who has been vaccinated and my guess would be that this would be put on the right hand or forehead so it could be easily scanned. There is of course nothing that will restrict what type of information that can be also stored in it unrelated to vaccines. Think about it! That is how he can get around the claims that he isn’t trying to chip anyone. This is all about controlling the population. This technology will most certainly be abused if allowed. The bible prophesies about a one world government coming under the Anti-Christ! That’s my own 2 cents, time will tell.

  73. I’m so tired of it! The government is slowly killing the people and the economy. Similar to the rest of the world. And it’s all because of a fake flu virus!
    The Filipino government here are control freaks, big time! I’ve reached my limit months ago. I holding out because of my girlfriend. The Philippines was much better when I was here in the Navy back in 1975!

  74. I’m leaving and won’t be back until they lift the Quarantine restrictions, the face mask and shield thing is getting to me, along with getting my temp checked every 5 minutes and sprayed down with nasty smelling Vinegar mixture. Malls are slowly losing shops , they can’t afford to stay open when no one is in the Malls , people don’t have the money to spend because of the lockdowns….as far as expats here in Bacolod , there’s not too many left, a lot of friends left their wife and kids here and went back to the US and they still haven’t been back. Rental property here is not getting rented and remain empty that usually have expats in them…. if they don’t lift the Tourist Ban , whoever holds a Tourist Visa will have to leave at some point because it expires in 3 years after arrival .

    1. I imagine i would be very dreary in Bacolod. What was it like there pre-pandemic? I have not spent any real time there.

  75. These numbers refer to Chinese nationals. Many Chinese left when the money dried up. Western expats I know in AC just stayed in place. But they are all married and lived here many years.

  76. Maybe a prime opportunity to get established in the Philippines – have to think prices are less during the restrictions – concentrate on setting up housing, business, etc., learning about the environment, ready to take advantage of burgeoning social opportunities when the Pandemic lifts?

  77. Butuan city my friend. Living with the locals, not only do we have brown outs. We also do not have water pressure most the day. They call this a 1st class industrial city. hahaha

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea That’s normal for Bohol. I hav a generator for part time power, and a BIG rainwater tank.
      Do you know how many expats remain in the Phils at present?

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I have to use tubs for water, and hot pot to warm my water, for my bath. I am living more like Filipino now. but it is okay I can deal with it. The plus is, my neighbors are pretty nice.

    3. ugh. after the yolanda typhoon hit the ph, bohol became like that. i could ‘kinda’ tolerate no electric since i had a stack of books to read. but infrequent water was where i drew the line. that gets old quick. i even once rented a hotel just to have a shower and aircon for two days. it wasn’t long after i moved on.

  78. yeah these lock downs suck in the Philippines and neighboring countries but this is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizen and check out other countries that you probably would’ve never done before this covid…plus the bright side is if and when countries start loosing up these lock downs most likely there will be lots of good deals for foreigners to come back.

    1. true. currently the places that are open are albania, turkey and south american countries. (colombia, dominican republic, mexico).

  79. ‘taken away’. that is all 2020 has been about. Taking your freedoms, taking your wealth, taking your opportunities. The global tyrannical strike on our liberty, freedom and independence is bad enough, so shocking so many dopes really think this is about a mystery illness.

    1. They are not stopping here… Check the World Economic Forums website and the Great Reset. They are not hiding it anymore so it is no conspiracy

  80. I’m happy to have been here in Lapu-Lapu during this Covid crisis. Immigration has been very accommodating and is now giving six month extensions on request even if you have already had two. While things are sometimes a hassle overall I think it has been handled pretty well here and you can now again enjoy most things. The situation in Europe and the US is much more dire. The roll out of the vaccine however may change things and it will be interesting to see how that affects travel in the coming year.

  81. I’ved noticed that single expats prefer going to the Visayas region for dating and sex while married expats with filipina wives prefer the more developed Luzon and Metro Manila for retirement and business opportunities.

    1. visayas doesn’t have an open ‘red-light district’ the way burgos/manila and angeles city do. so it depends on what parts of manila you’re looking at. obviously makati and subic are more residentially oriented. lots of married expats in duma and bohol. everywhere really.

      but when single-expats are looking for the sex industry, they know angeles city is the place to be.


    JUST AFRAID THAT THEY WOULDN’T LET ME IN ONCE I GOT THERE. I would do the 2 week isolation.

  83. Unfortunately , This Funky Virus will be here through 2021, Mardi Gras which is in February 2021 is already cancelled , and its November 2020,,, so things wont change much,,,, at least i dont think so, this is still contingent on the vaccine issue, which is so so ,,,,, Like I said it before in your Live Chats, shoot for 2022,,,, sad but true…….. look what your going through in Cebu with restrictions etc,,, and its everywhere in phils,, TOTALLY WASTED YEARS !!! again , sad but true

  84. Thanks for the update Henry.
    Swore off the Canadian winter for life. Then the damned covid.
    Was stuck in moalboal & got the last (I think) sweeper flight out of Cebu may 21….just under the wire…
    Canada is cold, wet & shitty
    ALL I want to do is get back to the land of YES asap, but figure it’s gonna be a year till all this BS is done with.
    Hope you don’t leave mate as you are the best source for boots on the he ground info.

    1. wow.. what a drag. i can relate, i’m no fan of the cold. 45-minutes of snow is ‘fun’. after that, it’s an ongoing inconvenience.

  85. My partner of 8 months is in Bohol and I’m way past ready to get back to her, this time moving there permanently..

  86. I can imagine it must be a nightmare walking around with a mask and those face screens with all that heat as you said with the way everything is just now you can’t really enjoy the Philippines the same I think it’s also easier if your working from home providing you have a good internet connection also depends on how your living in the Philippines I wouldn’t want to be living there right now on a small monthly budget thanks for sharing

  87. Hi- i would like to return to live there in 20 months. Reason, I’ll be eligible for social security. The covid pandemic has certainly made it impossible for a single expat to go there now. Thanks for your constant updates, I check your blogs frequently and I have also subscribed. Thanks for the work you put in to keep guys like myself informed. Dumaguete bound 2022.

  88. Gio mentioned a couple of months back how the police were only stopping foreigners for violating the motorcycle separation of passenger and driver rule. The fact that these new rules are being selectively or arbitrarily against foreigners might be a reason that some expats are leaving.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I hope they come to their senses. I really want to go to the Philippines in 2021.

    2. That’s not cool at all. No-one likes to be targeted for negative enforcement. I’m sure all the while they deny profiling.

    3. cebu city also said they would impose a 5,000php ($100) fine on those who violated covid-measures… at tourist locations. yah, that’s how you encourage business to bounce back. #not

  89. having been there and then for lack of better term gotten locked out… I think the most depressing thing to me about it is how difficult its become for th locals to even survive there. so many of my closest friends have either lost their sources of income completely or had their jobs turned into Virtual slave camps.I have one friend who is Putting in 12 hours a day in on the clock 6 days a week then another 4 hours a day off the clock and they still threaten her job very other week or so. It seems like the rules are killing the lower classes while barely touching the upper middle and upper classes. Life over there could always be rough, but it seems to have escalated 10 fold easily.

  90. Toronto is going in a 4 week lockdown starting today. Adding insult to injury, we had our first snowfall yesterday. I would rather wait in line at a grocery store under a tropical weather than this frigid temperature 🙂 Thank you for your PH updates.

  91. Hi Reekay,
    In Mexico, USA citizens get a automatic 6 month Visa
    And that can be renewed indefinitely if you know how to.
    No or little restrictions .
    Face Masks required in some stores but not everywhere or all the time.
    Prices a little bit higher than the philipines but at least 1/2 of USA
    A couple can live here on $1500 to $1800 a month.
    Weather similar to PI too.
    Entry is very easy like you said
    People very friendly
    Food limited to mostly Hispanic meals, American and Italian costs alot more . Beef & steaks expensive, imports pricey too.
    If you wish to live here in Mexico as a American Life Style, you’ll pay as much as living in the USA.
    Can’t wait till pandemic makes way for travel to Asia..
    Happy trails.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Jackie Lange from Panama Relocation Tours has said on her Saturday conference calls that things are pretty normal there. They still have the mask hoax loosely going on and you have to have a chi-nah virus test to fly in ( or pay $50 at airport for one on arrival) but people aren’t “locked down” and herded around like sheeple.

  92. Here in the UK they have just announced another vaccine from Oxford university and if it means i can travel to the Philippines i will take it, i am 60 so who knows how long i have left anyway. Every day above ground is a good day haha

  93. I was used to island hopping in the Philippines in the past. I guess if i was gonna be locked down in 1 place, it makes me think, where would i really want to be stuck? I love the tropical beaches but still want to be near a city. hmmm

    1. the feedback i get is that bohol/panglao is dead. but they have beaches. cebu city, more places to eat but, no beaches.

  94. Had my past-April flight and 9A visa canceled. Waiting on inbound travel restrictions to ease, to reapply for a second visa and to reunite with my fiancée. Your channel is the first place I turn for the most up-to-date information on PH. Thanks for your great insight. Greatly appreciated!

  95. All the same as the USA, full of obedient zombies following dictates of petty tyrants that got elected with fraud. WW3 the banksters vs people of the whole world.

  96. I want to give it three months after “Normal” or what was previously considered normal before I make it there. This worked with my timeline. Hoping to get there by Jun – Sept, 2021. If not, stay in USA till such time.

  97. I’m not trying to move to the Philippines, but my wife would love to go back and visit her family and friends, and she’s having serious homesickness now because she can’t go back.

  98. Went to Phil in October of last year. The plan was to spend a few months there find a travel partner and after the Christmas season, travel to other Asian Countries. About when it was time to move on, the lockdowns hit. In September. when Philippines Airlines started their non-stop flights to go home, which made traveling home simpler than the ridiculous complications of the sweeper flights, I went home at the end of the month to wait things out. Now, it looks like there will be no traveling before the vaccines are available (apparently).

    On the flip side, I have a Visa attorney working on a Visa exemption (she’s already done it), not sure how it will work in my case. It’s been a couple weeks and now thinking maybe Phil will open up before the exemption happens, or another country will open up. Glad vaccines are around the corner. For folks thinking they don’t want to risk taking a vaccine — lookup the mRNA vaccines from Phizer and Moderna which do not contain dead, weak, or virus particles, which makes it unlikely there will be any of the common risks, due to no actual parts of the virus being used.

    All considered, it was “more fun in the Philipines” and want to get back there.

  99. Hello Henry and here is how I look at things there: President Duterte ONLY wants foreigners with BIG MONEY to go there, invest in properties and businesses, and SAVE the Philippines from collapse! He also WANTS Asian countries with BIG TOURIST DOLLARS to send their people there and spend it like if it’s no tomorrow. He doesnt care about us westerners “INVADING” his country, causing more pandemic problems, and their own government being UNABLE to control the future spread of Covid. That’s the bottom line.

    1. Putting aside Pres. Duterte following your logic, isn’t that the measure taken by other countries who now have a developed economy and high standard of leaving. Even the U.S. is still inviting foreign investors not to mention other developed countries. Tourism is a billion dollar industry worldwide why would Philippines be not part of it if can offer alternative choice? FYI our president is the first leader in ASEAN to close its border from foreign visitors because he cares more about our lives more than money.

    2. Pretty bold when people speak for the president of a nation. Duterte is we aware the foreigner’s from the west spend billions into the economy.

  100. They sure make it hard to enter the Philippines now. I left the end of February and want to go back. Living in far northern California I appreciate the freedom to come and go where I am. I live just a few blocks from a beautiful redwood forest and a short drive to beautiful beaches.

  101. The only reason I’m not back there is because I’m not yet married to a Filipina and I’m not allowed back in. The United States is not a better option for me.

  102. I like the Philippines very much but good luck with that Russian and or Chinese vaccine. Tap your heels three time and say there no place like home.

    1. Good luck trying to find a cure for that third arm growing out of your forehead or whatever else unknown side effects come out of these rushed minimally tested “vaccines” while you try to “get back to normal.” F*k That Sh*t.

  103. I still want to go there but I will wait till bloggers like you tell me it is back like it was before the pandemic.

  104. I still prefere to stay settel in the philippines than in switzerland. I plan and wait to go settel in the philippines as soon they reopen.

  105. Covid19 is no need of vaccines. Just do what I did that is to take a shower when started to feeling something. Then take allergy pills that works for you. Sleep good and eat good. It works for me here in the US, my family back home in the Philippines and even their friends whom they gave the same advice to.

  106. Here 15 miles north of the Florida line I have never worn a mask nor have I been forced show my hall pass to a machine gun toting goon

  107. I’m a Filipino live in USA. Every time an American have a time to talk to me they always said I want to go to the Philippines. The Americans who have been in the Philippines during their Military days told me that they wish to go back to the Philippines before they dies. US today is as dead as the desert. Life here is 99% uncertainty. There are no signs of getting out of the situation as of now or any time soon even pandemic diminish.

  108. We will not be going to Philippines until things get much more like normal. We were planning on moving this spring or summer from USA. My wife is from Dumaguete. Mexico is looking very good right now. Plus short trips back to visit.

  109. My fiancé and I met in Cebu she currently lives in CDO where I have visited. She desperately wants to be here with me in Carolina where I am satisfied with my life and she has family here as well

  110. Reekay, I’m interested in going to the Philippines but not under the current conditions. In the meantime I’m getting things ready with finances and management of my property so when things open up I’m ready to go.

  111. Mexico? Hot young chicks with old farts like us? Not gonna happen. Better to just hunker down back here in USA than get stuck in a 3rd world place like the PH. But it sure is lonely.

  112. I love it here and became a resident.
    Way better than New York City by far.
    No riots, hate groups or any of the negativity.

  113. we went back to the states in June. needed to get some paper work done…its almost Dec now and still waiting on the papers so we can go back home. the Philippines is home.

  114. Reekay i suggest you to do some research about this covid and vaccinate agenda. There wasn’t any restrictions in Sweden for example and they are totally okay. Its not about health care, its a worldwide coup. I can only wish that the vaccine will be harmless. Coz there’s absolutely no need for a vaccine against a “virus” with only 0.3% mortality rate!

  115. I left in June 2020, It was very difficult just to leave with the travel permits .The American embassy was of 0 help,! my flight leaving then got canceled 4 times, In the province I wasn’t permitted to leave the compound where I was at for 4 mos. until I finally left, But I will be back when the pandemic is over, I’m a die hard fan of the Philippines! Love the people and the food, I’ve been going back and forth for 25 years, my girl friends family took good care of me during the lock down. Hopefully by Feb. 2022 I can head back! take care have a great one!

    1. I was lucky. When president Duterte announced that all international flights will be canceled in two days, I immediately got on the phone and made reservations for the next day. When I arrived at airport, there were hundreds at the ticket booth trying to get a flight out with no availability. I know it was hard for them to get out as well.

  116. I arrived back here in the Philippines last month from the uk. Have a 5 month old baby daughter so glad to be back with her and my partner. We are based in laguna I dont think the restrictions are so bad face sheild to go in any mall or shop is annoying but no one uses it properly once inside. Its basically same as when I left in November last year accept the masks. I much prefer here than the uk. My only worry is a vaccine been required to travel soon. I would also like to move to bohol in the new year but not sure if it will be possible

  117. I feel like leaving sometimes, but then I think, WHere? With the vaccine coming online things will change in the next few months. More importantly some of us have gfs that we care deeply about, how can we leave them not knowing when we can come back? I figure I will wait to Jan and if things are not changing Me and my gf will head to Europe. I think everyone is reaching their limit…..

  118. Henry, I am technically an over stay as it stands.. I am waiting for my letter of reconsideration from Manila to get back to me via a visa consultancy agency.. It has been in the making for 5 months.. When that gets back here I will marry that up with my NBI clearance certificate, and go back to Corpus Christi.. I do have a plan B set up there, and I don’t believe I will be coming back to live here.. I will come back to visit, but not live.. I have had enough of the government issues, and everyday living in general.. It seems like something different every day.. The other day here in Talisay City we had a two hour brown out that started at 11pm, so that makes for a terrible start to your sleeping night, then the next day we had a 5 hour interruption to our running water.. These are just examples, but like you said, things are adding up on the misery scale… People that are saying it is worse in the states, I don’t know what they are thinking.. There are no restrictions to where you can travel, no restrictions on being out late at night, you can go to the movies, restaurants, and night clubs.. The only thing you have to do is wear a mask in public, and adhere to social distancing.. Even prior to the COVID, I know you had to read some of the stories of Expats flying back to the PI on their visa runs, and being harassed by immigration officers at the airports..It doesn’t really seem like we are really welcome anymore.. Did Commissioner Marente describe any problems of the foreigners leaving?? I think if they make their bed they should sleep in it.. It will have a financial impact on the economy as it stands.. Do we hear any resort owners bragging about how well they are doing?? I don’t think so.. Anyway it has become to much for me to absorb any longer.. I am 65, and who knows how much longer a life I will have, so do I want to spend the remaining life I have in misery?? Thanks for the video as always.. Take care.. Bruce

    1. @mickie christensen GIGO. Garbage numbers in, garbage numbers out, the sheeple just parrot the fake news now.

    2. Enjoyed your comments and observations. The water service cut offs, the brown outs. That’s very true, especially in province. I’m 71, the endless restrictions just wear you down.

  119. I’m hopefully to get to return to see my wife and kids in 2021. In January it will have been a year since I have seen them.

  120. I feel safer here than in the states. was looking at video coverage taken in Huntington beach on FB. looks like a madhouse there in CA. I know you lived near me in CA for some time. Yes, more expats have probably left than entered.. but that is just because no one can get back in now unless you meet some strict guidelines… . Just my opinion.. stats wise… Look at that Hey Vern.. vlogger.. he had to leave and go to Turkey.. just because he hit the 3 yr point and had to make a visa run.. but can t re-enter. You have people who didn’t even want to leave that had too. I still like it here. If you have a wife, or GF it is probably fine here for you. Or even good! 😉 But if you are just here partying.. drinking and chasing girls.. well.. might not be so fun anymore. (and again.. nothing wrong with that!! lol… I’ve done it! 😉 ) just saying.. My opinion.. if you are in the States and wishing you were here… well, just wait a bit. Not so fun in the sun travelling and drinking and dating etc etc.. cause well, we are and have been locked down much harder than in the States or UK. But with all that said. Yes, it is still more fun in the Philippines!

  121. I retired(58 now)December 2019, sold everything, with plans for long term travel and possible relocation to SE Asia having enjoyed by previous trips to Thailand, the Phils, Vietnam, and Cambodia. I spent two months in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Cambodia before getting trapped in Vietnam where I stayed 3 months, part under lockdown. I probably would have stayed in Vietnam longer but I decided to return to the US to switch my residency from CA to FL. I am in FL until June which is not too restricted compared with other states. I will go back to full time travel then and would opt for Latin or Central America if it is less restricted than SE Asia options.

    1. We were on similar paths, I went from CA to TX though. I might go down to FL when my lease is up in April, what region are you in, how do you like it? We drove from Tampa down the gulf coast, then down to Key West, then back up the Atlantic coast to Jacksonville, then back to Orlando and flew back out of Tampa. I enjoyed driving on the wide clean smooth roads down there. The main traffic was in Orlando, but I wouldn’t locate there anyway. Tampa seemed nice, all those towns down to Naples, Keys were nice, Miami and up that whole Atlantic coast was nice, not sure where I would go to establish residency there. I didn’t get up to the panhandle. Maybe next time. Would like to be near Jacksonville just to have access to the military bases there. Where do you like in FL? Where in Central America? I like Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia right now, really focusing on Panama, talking to a lawyer about their Favored Nations Visa for permanent residency for the initial plan b. Panama seems to have a lot going for it, as long as they don’t sell the canal to chi-nah.

  122. The Philiphins destroy the future of many Philiphino women and the fate foreigners give up to spend there pension in the Philiphins, the rules are out of proportion

  123. Reekay, All is going according to plans, for every ‘western’ expat’ that leaves, there are 1000 Chinese citizens to take heir place, ALL ACCORING TO PLAN!

  124. I appreciate your information in general, but what I have seen in in my area concerning ‘social distancing’ seems to me to be total BS! Businesses limited to partial occupancy. but on the streets, MANY motorcycles with 3- 4 humans on the seat, WTF? Seems like absolute BS to me! Yes, some to many expats have had enough, can you blame them? On the website http://www.globalcapitalist.com, the by-word is “Go Where You Treated Best, and it seems like many expats are following that mindset!

  125. Good info !! Mexico may be the go to?… but man, really would like to meet a Filipina….i guess time will tell. I’m still a few months out from retirement. Keep up the great work!!

  126. My 3 years is up in July and I have been warned by the BI Reginal Director that I will have to leave. He started reminding me 4 months ago! Real nice guy (not)! I transfered my entire life here and now feel I have no choices. May have to go back to US and wait for the Phillipines to get it’s act together. If too much changes in the visa department, I will just cut my losses and look elsewhere to spend my “golden years”.

    1. @coocoocachooglin, being retired and having the time, I looked into South American countries as an alternative to the Philippines. For me, I came up with Argintina. Affordable, wide diversity of climate, a high procentage of 1st and second generation of europian extraction (meaning cultural activitied). There are 2 problems however, you have to show an annual income of $20,000 US and historically high inflation. The inflation rate has a work around but the $20,000 puts it out of my oprions. The.$20,000 annual income is required for a visa.

    2. @CECIL What do you think about the other countries in that region, mainly Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama?

  127. From a ww traveler. I will not go outside USA until things are mostly back to normal. Traveling is difficult enough without the lockdowns and restrictions.

  128. I’ve been patiently waiting since March when this pandemic started to get back to my filipina wife and kid in the Philippines from Australia..and keeping close tabs to what’s going on isnt bringing any more hope to our situation..because there is never any good news for the better that sticks.

    1. @Kevin Picou yea, but most of us don’t have enough time off from work for all the quarantines. Fly into Manila, 14 day quarantine, domestic flight to next smaller city, 14 more days of quarantine, ride to wife’s small municipality or barangay.. another 14 days of quarantine in gov’t facility.. 42 DAYS LATER, get to finally see wife and daughter but not allowed to leave house/property the whole time. I miss my wife and daughter very much also, Just like Albert Sammut does but I have a full time job that doesn’t allow me to take 42 days off of work (actually more than 42 days if including the 4-days worth of round trip flights to & from USA + 2 days of traveling round trip to & from the closest local Consulate/Embassy)… 48 DAYS. That’s 48 days off of work and that does not even include time actually being with my family. Duterte & the PH gov’t are insane with the restrictions. They’ve gone wayy too far with this.

    2. I believe I read on BI website that foreign nationals married to a Filipina and with children could enter PH now, after securing an entry visa from DFA’s overseas embassy or consulate. That’s unless you’re waiting for a vaccine first before flying.

  129. I’d think most of the expats who left the Philippines wanted to just be home – or wherever they consider to be home.

  130. They should leave and head back to the USA where the virus is so totally under control. This video is the ONLY time I’ve ever seen Julie angry. Complaining about restrictions…. Thank God we’re not walking around in denial like the USA.

    1. So true. The US is led by a malignant narcissist who admitted on tape to “downplaying” the virus. The world’s richest country with one of the highest death rates on the planet. What a disgrace. History will not be kind to this period in US history.

    2. @Mike Masters Highest Death Rate on the ENTIRE Planet. How’s that working out for your country? In Australia, we call you a Flaming Drongo…

    3. In the US I live a pretty much normal life unlike those in Philippines. I never needed a pass to leave my house, was never lockdoen from leaving my house, I came and went whenever I wanted through this entire pandemic. I deal with people in bussiness’s almost everyday and don’t need to talk through plastic. I don’t need a facemask or face shield to walk out in public even inside stores if I so chose not to wear one.
      That’s the complaint not whether the virus is under control.

  131. I have been living here in the Philippines going on six years and have no plans on leaving. I would rather be here than back in the states.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea And even if it’s more affordable to live in Phillipines, Mexico, or Vietnam why is that something to be ashamed of? I have been living in a furnished 2 bedroom apartment here in Mexico for about $400 a month for over 5 years. Actually the people here are much nicer than most Americans and the weather for most of the year is 80 degrees and in the 50s at night with low humidity. The crime and low quality of life in the US especially if you don’t want to or can’t pay 2 or 3 grand a month for just rent and to live dosent appeal to me.

    2. @Emily Anthony sorry, you are simply wrong on that. so many expats, the majority in fact, that i’ve met have pensions well over $2,000 usd per month. and quite a few have retirement assets well over $1.5 million usd. others are semi-retired and own a thriving business.

      these men live in the PH for a variety of reasons. but it’s not because they can’t afford to live in their ‘own’ country.

    3. Foreigners who wants to live in the Philippines, for one reason because they can’t afford to live in their owned country.

    1. Yes , life almost normal here in Thailand and the lack of large foreign tourist crowd make it great to travel in the country. But sad for the Thai people that make their living in tourist industry.

  132. I been in Philippines since august last year .i will fly back to Portugal in 2 weeks,reason my passport expire on january 2021,and no Portuguese embassy in Philippines,i be back next year or 2022

    1. I read and see yt videos all the time about people leaving us for Portugal, which makes me curious why someone in Portugal would want to be in PH?

  133. The irony is I feel stuck in the rapidly deteriorating USA which has become a very dangerous place. I’d love to be able to leave here to go back to the Philippines. That’s where my heart and my family are. I’d like to be reunited with them. I do get your point about the dating scene and all the restrictions but if that’s not what you’re looking for and are already committed to a particular situation all of that is just not that important. I hope both nations are successful in producing and distributing effective vaccines which will allow us to follow our dreams again. Stay safe as always and thanks for the timely update.

    1. Ya, not. I’ve been in SF Bay Area for years, now recently in TX, and have family and friends all over the place, except for a few pockets in some known areas, it is not “very dangerous place.” And I don’t see racism, anger, hatred and division anywhere but on the fake news boob tube. Turn off the lamestream media and move out of your dim-o-rat run-down and controlled cities and you will be fine.

    2. I wonder who is responsible for the world’s worst response (by far) to Covid by the world’s richest county. Who is mainly responsible for the hatred and division? Let me think… maybe it’s Hunter Biden? Hillary? Hmmm… I wonder.

    3. i hardly recognize the usa as it was when i left back in 2012. so much anger, hatred, division and racism.

  134. The death rate from covid is very low in the Philippines. But following the drastic measures imposed by the government I suspect that the death rate from malnutrition, starvation and suicide to be much higher. I wonder what is the point of killing the economy and people enjoyment of life when the end result is more deaths. I sure would not go to the Philippines with all those restrictions.

    1. @Cat Cat Judging by the number of countries around the world that have bought in to the scamdemic, either out of ignorance or compliance, I doubt any other leader would have had the courage and will to have made a difference, it seems they are all in lockstep and have sold out their countries to the borg.

  135. I do not think no matter where you go the governments have so much control now it is hard to do anything. This pendana has affected everyone in so many ways that none of us have experienced before in our world today

  136. When the main “infrastructures” get shut down along with the inconsistant “requirements” – its timely to look somewhere else. In my opinion, its going to be quite some time before it gets anywhere near “normal.”

    1. but here movement is really restricted.. best to wait a bit.. save up… cause travelling here is at a standstill. I took videos down by a popular tourist area nearby where i live here in the Philippines.. It is like a ghost town!

  137. Lots of good points Reekay, I came home from there just before the lockdown, and at first wished I hadn’t. After seeing and reading about how strict the restrictions have been, especially for older guys, I’m glad I’m not there. The city might be better, but where I often stay in Moalboal would’ve driven me nuts. Virtually no internet, two tiny malls, and nowhere open for some entertainment, would have been awful. As much as I would like to go back, until the vaccines, and visas are available, it’s looking pretty unlikely. Thanks for always keeping us up to date, much appreciated. Best wishes to you and Vi.

    1. thanks. 🙂 after all this is over i do want to make another visit to moalboal. vi wants to see the waterfalls nearby.

  138. Still want to come but not not if the restrictions are too high but i think if one of the vaccines comes through then i think it shoud be all good

  139. The Philippines, Africa and India are the 3 main places that they want to vaccinate (that will sterilize), so they are making it as uncomfortable as possible for them in hope that everyone will be queuing for the shot.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Your numbers are wrong. The Philippines has done 5.5 million tests. But Mexico has done even less- only 2.7 million tests. Despite the fact that Mexico has more people. Mexico has already had 100,000 Covid deaths (probably higher, because they’re barely even testing). The Philippines has only had around 8,000 deaths. It’s absolutely pathetic of Mexico because they’re a much wealthier country with a much lower population density. The Philippines has done ok. Mexico has done one of the worst jobs

    2. @Marimar the philippines has had at most 20 million test kits this year. but the population is 110-million. which means only roughly 20% of the population has even been tested.

    3. Mexico screwed up bad. They have one of the world’s highest death rates from Covid. And they barely even test. At one point, 50% of the people being tested were positive. In the Philippines, it’s always been less than 10%.

  140. I am still worried to make plans to fly in Feb 2021 because the rules keep changing so much daily. I haven’t been there with my wife since May 2019 and it really sucks! I originally had plans to go May 2020, but that got put off, obviously. Further, I have a hard time with being forced to wear masks when out & about. However, I normally wear a facemask when there while driving anyway because of smoke. Hopefully I will get there in Feb 2021… Is there any issues now with extending visas? What type of short duration visa should I come in on as a married foreigner to Filipina?

  141. I was planning to come there every year in retirement for at least 3 months but Covid changed that. After being locked down for 4 months and all the rules and restrictions imposed it was just too much. As much as I would love to return I can’t see it. Perhaps whenever things get better I will return but I don’t see it in the near future. Let’s hope the vaccine works and we can all get back to normal.

  142. I’m a permanent resident with no plans to leave. But this lock down is a drag even for us married guys. That said, if I were to relocate I’d think about Spain.

    1. @Mike Garman If you were an old person who caught the chi-nah virus and you lived in a dim-o-rat run city like NYC, your odds of survival was not great because they didn’t treat with any known treatments that actually worked, they just stuck you on a ventilator so they could get paid the extra federal bonus dollars and killed you. Not good for you, but great for their “hundreds of thousands of people dying!” narrative.

    2. Felipe S. I think the expats were thinking that they are safer in their home countries. May or may not be true.

  143. If other competing countries continue to ease the overreach in restrictions and this country doesn’t, then this country will have serious problems. The power-tripping here is outrageous.

  144. I wouldn’t do Mexico. If the Taliban were better organized Afganistan would look like Mexico. The stuff with the cartels has gotten that bad.

  145. Good vid , me and my Filipino wife will be moving to merivelis bataan area maybe Subic bay ,looking at around probably august, we both by then should have gotten the vaccine here in USA hopefully that’s the case

  146. Enrique.your are passing
    The covid .in the most comfortable way. I think
    I,m in darwin australia
    But i wanted to go to cebu .in April 2020.
    Not chance. Sux
    Suerte compadre.
    Usted es mi heroe

  147. It is interesting for sure. However, it would be more helpful if records were kept about how many expats left/entered up till the lock down as none were allowed in afterwards. Will it pick back up after everything settles down? Will it be the new normal that fewer expats live in the Ph.? Who knows. The only thing for sure is that we are all hoping that the vaccines coming soon help bring us back to something approaching normal and the death rate drops a LOT. I personally still look forward to moving the the islands.

  148. Enrique. Pilipinas has always been a bit a hole.
    Put covid. And all the shit.will hit the fan.
    Im not against the pilipinas at all .
    Im the father of a beautiful pilipina 7 year old daughter
    But take the pilipinas
    In the reality of this times.

  149. Regarding a return to normalcy and how long that might take after the pandemic passes, it’s gonna be a long time. Here in Pattaya, Thailand, the tourist infrastructure of hotels, restaurants, bars, massage parlors, shops, etc. has been devastated by the ongoing closure of the country to international tourism. This is to say nothing of the national/international level of airport, airline, taxi, and hotels that have been affected by the virus. Even after the vaccination period is finished (could take a year or longer) and countries open up their borders again, it will take many months for the infrastructure of mass international travel and tourism to crank-up again and it will be a couple years at least I imagine before anything starts to even start to be like before the pandemic.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea I was speaking with a blogger on here their channel name is Jake and Jesset and they are lucky from the standpoint of they are safe and secure in the US. They were married 4 years ago before all of this craziness started, I said to then just be thankful that the government of the Philippines has no jurisdiction over your marriage. They told me they do not plan to return back to the Philippines for 5 to 10 years, because of all of this craziness. They are both young he is 43 and she is 33. In their situation they have nothing to gain by going back to the Philippines for anything over the next several years. If I already had my Filipino girlfriend here in the US, I would not go back for several years either as there is nothing to gain. This is a couple that wanted fo live in the Philippines eventually.

      Some people that are still dreaming of the Philippines just need to realize something the country is not what it use to be and 5h3 the best thing they could do is get their Filipino out of there ASAP and not come back for the next years

  150. I’m 62 years old and in great health. Why would I ever want to give up all my freedoms here in the U.S. and live in an oppressive country like the Philippines?

    1. What state in the US? I’d consider South Dakota if it wasn’t so damn cold, at least they didn’t do any stupid lockdowns there. I moved to TX in October, I’ll probably go check out FL after my lease is up next April.

  151. The Philippines is my home,
    Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. For us the lockdown hasn’t been all that difficult, but we also don’t have browouts so no problem to watch a movie when we want and many of the local restos are open for eating out.
    We don’t have dividers on the tables around here.
    As for all of them leaving it may actually be a good thing, many are not very stable ( if you know what I mean ).
    Maybe a kind of reset in a way.
    Don’t really see any difference around here as you can count the foreigner on one hand anyway.
    Hopefully it will open back up soon and get back to some kind of normal , I know many are separated that want to come back.

    1. one nice thing.. my last visit to immigration office i was in and out much quicker. didn’t have to blow half the day there waiting.

  152. My Birthday is in April and if Philippines isn’t open by then I’m heading to Cancun Mexico for a week. I Freaking need a vacation from this sh#% here in the USA.

    1. I went to Cancun from CA a few months ago during “the first lockdown.” The only hassle was the people wearing the stupid mask. I talked to many local Mexicans there, they are as incredulous as anyone else with a brain about how they didn’t have chi-nah virus, they don’t know anyone with chi-nah virus, and they don’t know anyone who died because of chi-nah virus, and they haven’t seen any hospitals overwhelmed because of chi-nah virus. They think its total bull shit too. I came back to US and moved to TX, now I’m trying to find a place to relocate to, somewhere between Mexico and Panama.

  153. Excellent information….
    I totally agree about Mexico…
    Easy to get in and out…
    Travel visa is 6 months…

  154. I dont see many foreigners coming anytime soon. Unless they are married or working all VOA’s have been blocked by the govt. I hope they are lifted next year or I will have to go home. I dont want to leave

  155. I know of four vloggers who went home to be with family. I guess all could be considered foreign nationals even though two of them are half Filipino but I think neither are dual citizens. Wil Dasovich (Fil-Am), Franki Russell (Fil-Kiwi), Bret Maverick (Canadian), Chris and Carol of Jumping Places (Brazilian travel vloggers who decided to ride out the virus in Palawan for 10 mos. or so until it was safe to travel to Portugal to be with Chris’ parents). There were other travel vloggers who were stuck in the PH for several months until they were able to get on a flight home.

  156. Excellent analysis. Bottom line, life sucks everywhere right now. So if you’re going to get covid, especially in advanced age, most people would rather be at home than in the PI. Except for old timers who consider PI home no matter what..

  157. I,ve been here in the in Luzon for five years going back to Canada would not improve my life as my country is in the process of becoming a communist state with a leader preaching the great reset and no I do not think things are going back to normal ant tie soon if ever.

  158. I am still hoping to come back to the Philippines in 2021. Life here in California is getting worse and worse. I look back at the fun I had in Philippines and the memories I made there. Life is about making memories.I hope to make more.

    1. Eric I left in May and am back in Arizona. The restrictions in the Philippines are as retarded as California with a strong arm man Duterte in charge who is a Raving Lunatic. The Fun in the Philippines is Past Tense

    2. @Charles Anderson Charles you are 100% correct. The Philippines will become a Province of China they just don’t know it yet. I left in May.

    3. I had to take care of a few things in California and got stranded. If everything had gone according to plan I would be in the Philippines and if not exactly thrilled by the restrictions, at least willing to tolerate them a while longer. Instead, I’m seriously thinking of heading south if it doesn’t look like restrictions in Asia will lighten up in the first quarter of 2021.

  159. people leaving has no affect on my plans to live there later next year. I wonder which country the majority came from .

  160. For me I plan on staying. Housing prices are dropping for those who want to buy. Rental prices are negotiable and dropping as well. I’m in Bohol and believe me it’s not what it used to be. Alona beach is a ghost town. The pools at the beautiful Hennan Resort are full of green moss. Really sad. The mountain springs where we used to love to swim are all shut down.
    Of course I’m married. A single guy would look at the situation differently. I think it also depends on what island you live on.
    Who knows in six months I may have a different viewpoint but for now I’m staying in Bohol.

    1. A case of taking the good with the bad, eh? Alona – touro central. Less touros – good. Green moss – bad.

  161. I heard that a lot of Chinese gaming workers left the Philippines, voluntary or involuntary, because of the closures of their online betting businesses. This may be the bulk of the BI figures.

    1. Yep i would see them daily….2 vans pick them up in the am and drop them off pm…..all tall slim with military style haircuts that they are letting grow…….ccp military working criminal type jobs to corrupt the phils…..soft invasion

  162. My opinion is they are going home to get the vaccine “to be” for Covid and or other benefits..Who wants to be lock down in the Philippines?

  163. I think there’s a lot of expats who were here in the Philippines by themselves, and have been locked up unable to see others for a lot of this year. Not surprising to see the expat population go backwards this year. Though I know other expats who have wanted to come here all year and weren’t able to because of the restrictions, or because they want to wait until the mandatory 14-day quarantine period is not required upon arrival.

    1. @Scott Simpkins Generally speaking NO… unless they have proof of children there or are married to a Filipina.

  164. i still want to retire there. but i am about 10 to 15 years away from that. but i love it there and i cant wait to get back hope its better by then. God bless be safe kuya

  165. It seems to me that the reason why the phillipines is the way it is. Is because the people their refuse to fight for their rights and the Government has full power and treat their own people like crap. It’s a country I’ll never visit . My life matters to me but more power to you and good luck . Yikes !

    1. The U S is a first world country. But even here people are willing to give up freedom for a perceived safety. Governments everywhere are not letting a good crisis go to waste as ron emanuel stated some years ago. it is a chance to do what we could not do before. Take total control over the people. They Created the problem, now comes the solution. Quickly developed vaccines that will most assuredly cause damage to many people. And they are protected under their slimy laws. You cannot sue for damages.

  166. Will Phillipines invest in a vaccine for the country?? At what cost to who? Must be news of this coming out now. in uk they are talking about a certification to allow n prove safety for flights after vaccine given. Start December to end April.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Vaccines from companies owned by the cabal that funded this whole thing who will be happy to sell to them – for a price.

    2. the ph themselves are not developing any vaccine. they are waiting on one to be made available from other countries.

    1. The Philippines has very few old and overweight people, so most of the population is very low risk. The Philippines is already basically back to normal, except with masks and face shields. Hospitals were only overwhelmed for a month or 2

  167. It’s not mean anything. People want go for Xmas and don’t want spend those days somewhere in transit quarantine. Also if look close Philippines started cost more same like Thailand and lose that “cheap” To be there mark. +limitations there no reason to go there also Taiphoons is not fun thing

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea the mountains, south and west of mindanao. My wife is from iligan and east all the way to davao there is no problems

    2. I live in the south… General Santos Mindanao. I’m surrounded by Muslims and they have been nice to me. No problems being reported here. I think the bad areas are too the South West southern Philippines…Mindanao-Zamboanga

    1. the correct term is, ‘virtual background’. why i use it is because it looks more interesting than a blank wall.

  168. The question is why people want go leave. So obviously is about health care safety and convenience. But worth noting a trend

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