Dating A Married Filipina in the Philippines – What You Need To Know

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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  2. Awesome video and information. Very much appreciated. Is it possible and easy for us to do a cenomar on the girl we are interested in?

  3. I have seen some new profiles on this Dating site Christian Filipina under marriage status as separated. I really can’t believe it would be on there .look for yourself

  4. This might be harsh, but there are 2 solutions here. The first is that the Phillipines steps up to the plate and solves the problem, allow divorce. The second is filipinas make better choices in partners. I know expats who want to play white knight with open wallets. Don’t do it! Once that wallet is opened it will never be closed. Wise up!

  5. At one time couples were converting to Islam to get divorce in Phil. I had that conversation with somebody who did this several years ago. Under Philippines law there is “Personal Muslim Law” in Philippines that allows divorce just by a declaration to court.

  6. I have been in the Philippines for a few years. I would say 99% of the filipinas with foreigners living in the Philippines are separated filipinas. The couples that don’t involve a separated filipina just pack up and leave the Philippines. They then go to the foreigners home country to live. There are a few other problems with the separated filipina. If you are arrested for adultery it carries a 6 – 8 year prison sentence. The real problem is

    the separated filipina’s husband can legally shoot you dead when he feels like it. So, you can see hooking up with separated filipina could be fatal.

  7. Mine is married and says has been separated 30 years from their partner and has now decided to tell me that their partner is now married to another person


    So what happens in this scenario?

    1. she needs to get an annulment. the marriages (he) got later are invalid, but not relevant to her case. what matters is her being freed from the original marriage.

      the other two marriages are his problem, not hers.

  8. I paid for a Cenomar for my girl but I also paid 150 extra pesos for a “Red Ribbon” which supposedly comes from the US Embassy and would allow us to marry if we decide to? Could you check into the Red Ribbon for the Cemomar? I am currently in the US but have visited several times before this pandemic.

  9. I have a question sir a little of topic but for some one who does not want to get health insurance in the Philippines what would be a realistic amount to self insure I was told 200 hundred thousand dollars would be more than enough your thoughts

    1. that’s really hard to say. most who self-insure are doing so for relatively common issues. a broken bone, outpatient treatement, etc.

      for something like cancer, multiple angioplasty, spinal surgery, etc… that could run up to quite a large bill. if it those big-ticket items concern you, getting expat health-insurance would be the better route.

  10. Great video. When I was looking I always asked. I got lucky I guess because they were honest about it. I found and met a woman and now we can not be together. And the Philippines government is not going to open until 2022 for Americans. Just a screwed up mess.

    1. the person i know that got the legal-separation had it drawn up by an attorney, notarized and filed. she didnt tell me how much, but shouldn’t be more than $250, depending on how much the attorney charges per hour.

  11. That’s why i payed for matchmaking. They screen the members. Normal dating sites let anyone join. Ruby international connections was the name.

  12. My girl is married but her husband is married to her and 2 other women without annulling the other 2 women it even shows up on his PSA that he is married to 3 women we have been trying to get her marriage annulled 2years and 1000 dollars still dealing with this

    1. hopefully you can get that in front of a judge, along with a psychologist’s evaluation of the ‘husband’ and his abandonment practice towards his original wife. possibly get the annulment finished. hoping the best for you. maybe consider getting a 2nd-opinion from another attorney.

  13. I have a friend that wanted to get married after a two year long relationship. He never knew she was married. And her mother was taking care of a child that he thought was her sisters … Last to know and first to cry !!!

    1. yep. too many times i’ve heard of this happening. months or years later, finding out about a marriage or kid(s).

  14. Adultery in the State of Ariz is a crime.. As is cohabitation… Ck it out coz Ariz isn’t the only State that had those laws

  15. An annulment costs 4000$ to 5000$. Most can not afford to pay the amount. Here in Japan, there are many Filipinas waiting for their annulment. You are going a little deep in your explanation, that is why attorneys are needed. Not to mention, there is a bill being debated there to make it easier. But it will not pass, this legal work is a money maker for attorneys there. Bottom line, if she is still married, stay away unless you are willing to pay.

    1. yes, every so often filipinos will protest or petition for the ability to divorce. people think it won’t pass because, “of the catholic church”, but that is not the reason.

      attorneys could add divorce law to their practice, still make money. but politicians… how many of them want to lose half of their stuff the day after divorce was made available? not many will ever vote for it.

  16. Aloha big fan now for over a year now.i love how you break down all the different situations. Your voice of reason. Most difentally helps me deal with life in a positive way. Thank you sir.keep rolling good stuff.

  17. I love a lot of the content you put out and I watch your videos whenever they do come out. In my own personal situation I have been dating online with my Filipino for several months. She was open and honest about what was going on her family life, I have the support of her family, and the blessing of the ex husband who vacated over 13 years ago and now has children and a live in gf of his own, and all of that, long story short I am one of those guys that are going against the grain.(to each their own) In my case I would rather take the long road with this one then with anyone in the world. With current changes in the Filipino laws we have found different alternatives to get the separation and divorce in other ways, at a similar to way less cost and way faster time. It is true what you said though be real careful about where you wish to rest your head for sure, and consider your personal life before making these types of decisions. It really could cost you your freedom and in legend storytelling your life.

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