‘Covid-19 Passport’?? – Don’t Panic – Philippines

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
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    In this video I discuss, “‘Covid-19 Passport’?? – Don’t Panic – Philippines”

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  2. So will they be allowing vaccinated foreigners into the country without quarantining? Plan to visit for brother in laws wedding next year.

    1. at this time, no list of requirements has been announced for entry yet. perhaps just a negative covid-test will be required.

  3. A covid 19 passport , now that’s a brilliant idea. And after all that’s been going on in the USA , Canada & The UK with people having to be hospitalized for severe reactions from this vaccine , and to make things worse , a nurse in the US got vaccinated on live TV and collapsed , therefore how many people do they expect are going to be willing to take this vaccine ? This vaccine has been released way too fast , they have no data on possible long term effects because it hasn’t been studied & trialed long enough , and I don’t know about the rest of you , but I’m certainly not going to be anyone’s lab rat. And many others feel the same way , I was told by family in the states that according to recent polls they are predicting that roughly 60% of the American population are going to refuse this vaccine , and they are expecting similar in Canada , The UK and Europe. So in my opinion , if President Duterte is basing his revitalization of foreign tourism on the condition of this vaccine , the Philippines is going to become one very lonely and economically destabilized nation.

  4. They want to implement that in order to continue to lock people down and force you to take a vaccine in order to travel. I for one will never ever take a vaccine.

  5. And then they arrive with their covid passport and their russian or chinese vaccine which will then not be accepted at their destinations.
    No one cares what they want here. There is already a WHO international vaccination book available. If you travel a lot, like me, then you will have to bring this along as in many places you need to show yellow fever vaccine.

  6. If Duterte believes in this vaccine he should roll it out to each of his citizens, then open up the country for tourism… Then no pinay/pinoy will ever get it!

  7. The vaccine doesn’t even stop yiu getting covid-19 and yiu can still pass it on while vaccinated go look it up. All it does is stop the person that is vaccinated showing on symptoms at least thats all the had to do to get it passed.

    1. You don`t find it convenient that all of a sudden they want a vaccine for a virus that never leave your body? Pro tip; No virus ever leave your body. This vaccine is useless

  8. i’m in vietnam, have about $20,000 in a ph-BDO-bank-USD-account (peso-acct running low)– any idea how i might be able to get my money?!

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thx, will def look into all options– but on three occassions, i tried to get online-BDO-banking going, with no luck, BDO bankers couldn’t help; i’ll try contacting u s & ph embassies, see if they have any ideas; ** all, ALL!! i really need to do is fly to the ph, have them quarrantine me, then i’m off to my BDO; ** i’m prepared to simply ‘eat it$$$’, and fly to the u s, rearrange SS-direct-deposit back to a u s bank, ultimately save $$ re the various hidden expenses of foriegn banking (Chase=$10 per ph-ATM withdrawal); thx, again

    2. @Barry Smith if you can transfer the money (online) from your PH bank to your US bank, then you can transfer it to yourself via Western Union. (i was thinking you already had a VN bank account.)

    3. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea also, my vn landlady said she would have her uncle (who works in banking somehow) look into me transferring money from a ph bank to a vn bank– he returned with: can’t be done, can transfer from ph bank to US bank, however (!)

    4. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea also, i had two vn bankers indicate they will NOT open an acct for me(!); ditto for three aussies who have AUS Bank accts in vn– USD, forget it (!); ditto, my vn landlady looked into helping me open a vn bank acct– forget it (!)

    5. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea thx, but i guess you’re not familiar with Ph-BDO: when you open a direct-deposit-USD-acct at BDO, the ONLY way to touch your USD-acct, is to PHYSICALLY go to THAT branch, and ONLY that branch, and fill-out the tranfer-forms for USD-acct to peso-ATM-acct; don’t believe it? i’ve met 5 BDO bank employees who didn’t belive it, over my 4yrs residence in the ph, accts in 3 different branches; its def the only way to touch ones’ USD acct$$

  9. C’mon! Puyat is the Tourism Secretary. That’s big time! Duterte will sign off on whatever she decides. So, this COVID document will be required, believe me. It’s fairly simple. Get the vaccine, proof of negative COVID-19…Visa. & You will be allowed back in PHILIPPINES. Duhhhh!

  10. They’re just thinking another way of making money out of this pandemic. I can’t even go home to my province because I need a lot of papers and need to do tests which, of course I need to pay. It’s just my hometown and it’s like getting a visa to go in another country. I’m livid. No, I’m not going home then and not join the bandwagon of paying passes. I’m spending Christmas alone. BTW, face shield requirements to get in the mall, groceries, fast food chains is overkill.

    1. i agree. and as i’ve said a few times in my communications with expats.. “what’s the big hurry” to get into the PH when you can’t go island to island like we used to. and anywhere you are, maybe part of the mall is open but any other tourist attraction you’d want to enjoy has a long list of rules attached to it.

      nobody really enjoys going to boracay wearing a plastic face-shield with half the restos closed and a long list of rules about what you can’t do at the beach.

  11. Tb kills 25-27k Pinoys each year and vaccine is cheap and tested for 100 years. Most Pinoys have not taken it.

    1. they want to lower population by MRNA modification to make people infertile, bill Gates and UN are paying for it. done.

  12. Actually 10-15 million doses is a very good start as not everyone in Philippines needs to get vacinated to start tourism. They start in places like Manila, Boracay, Palawan and such. Nobody needs vacinated in for example Samar ort Lyte to get tourism started. They can easily restrict areas tourist can go.

    Things are not going to just explode and everything opens up all at once. It will be a slow process but a good start is all anyone can ask for this early in the process, and get things moving and torism going to some degree.

  13. I did a bit of searching and a vaccine passport already exists, it’s called CommonPass and it’s being rolled out between 5 airlines in the US in December. The virus cases are falling in the Philippines, it make sense that the government doesn’t want infected people arriving. For those who don’t want to get vaccinated, just wait. I think that covid-19 will disappear in the next 5-10 years as more and more people get vaccinated.

  14. Thank you for always clearing up the headlines…..always getting to the truth of the traveling mess… Your the greatest…

  15. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.
    It doesn’t matter whether we need it, or whether it’s efficient or safe. Politicians need it to save face, and they’re going to prove that by making you take it one way or another, probably by travel blackmail.
    I don’t even want to touch on other aspects. I simply say to people, if 99.9% of people already survived being sick without a vaccine, why do we need it?
    It really is as simple as that.

  16. They said it will take 2 years to vaccine the world world they said to get enough vaccine but also if can vaccine about 80 of world population that can be enough to get rid of virus as you pass to a person how had vaccine stops there

  17. That will hurt tourism big time not everyone wants to be vaccinated what are they thinking why are they trying to force someone to be vaccinated

    1. @Mike Masters We shouldn’t expect a low IQ person such as yourself to catch on to the fact that you have been saying this for 9 months.

      2 weeks to flatten the curb right? Of course you dont remember Haha.

    2. Ivermectin and HCQ have already proven to be amazing and it has been known since April. This vaccine push an outright scam.

      Lots of people are going to pay once this nonsense is over. Capital Punishment is the only solution for corrupt politicians and health officials. We will never forget.

    3. @Mike Masters what I’m saying is I have a Filipina fiancé there so why should I be forced to take a vaccine to come see her it would be an international flight a test I agree with I haven’t seen her in a year in person anyway it’s not right to make someone out something in they’re body just so they can come see they’re fiancé

  18. “How are we to live in an atomic age?” (Or in our case, COVID-19)

    by C.S. Lewis (written 1948):

    “I am tempted to reply: “Why, as you would have lived in the sixteenth century when the plague visited London almost every year, or as you would have lived in a Viking age when raiders from Scandinavia might land and cut your throat any night; or indeed, as you are already living in an age of cancer, an age of syphilis, an age of paralysis, an age of air raids, an age of railway accidents, an age of motor accidents.

    “Do not let us begin by exaggerating the novelty of our situation. Believe me, dear sir or madam, you and all whom you love were already sentenced to death before the atomic bomb was invented: and quite a high percentage of us were going to die in unpleasant ways. We had, indeed, one very great advantage over our ancestors—anesthetics; but we have that still. It is perfectly ridiculous to go about whimpering and drawing long faces because the scientists have added one more chance of painful and premature death to a world which already bristled with such chances and in which death itself was not a chance at all, but a certainty.

    This is the first point to be made: and the first action to be taken is to pull ourselves together. If we are all going to be destroyed by an atomic bomb, let that bomb when it comes find us doing sensible and human things—praying, working, teaching, reading, listening to music, bathing the children, playing tennis, chatting to our friends over a pint and a game of darts—not huddled together like frightened sheep and thinking about bombs. They may break our bodies (a microbe can do that) but they need not dominate our minds.”

    — C.S. Lewis, “On Living in an Atomic Age” (1948)

    1. An excellent and applicable piece by CS Lewis. I love his clarity of thought and large overall perspective on all topics. Absolutely one of my all time favorite writers, and one of the wisest men I’ve ever had the chance to read.

  19. The dept. of tourism can say anything they want. Duterte can say anything he wants, if the tourist don’t like what they hear they will take their money somewhere else…. Money speaks louder than words.

  20. Propoganda prepares people for change, and yes you need a clear CV test to get on an airline so its already happening, also the QR which is no less than a tatoo and a yellow star. Where are the cattle wagons.

  21. You should really investigate the efficacy of any vaccine you plan on taking from the USA.
    Try Dr. Roberto Petrella, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and NaturalNews.com.
    There is quite a bit of noise about this recent one and not one report considers it better than extremely dangerous.
    You may want plant yourself in a nice spot before they put the hammer down on all travel for those that did not take the new “covid19” vaccines.

  22. I have my Filipino girlfriend and her daughter in the Philippines at the moment she is very worried about our or when she could be vaccinated…………,, so I said to her the other day I feel that there is a lot of people Philippines that are ffinancial ablle to afford the vaccine. Plus there is many international companies factories and call centres that would find it in their interests to vaccinate their staff to be able keep up production also I do not know how many, but I would guess possibly 1000 maybe foreigners in the Philippines, so once the vaccine is beccoming a bit more readily produced. I hope it would be available for sale I have assured her. I have no problem sending her money to get herself her daughter and family vaccinated. knowing how well Filipinos have spread themselves around the world. I’m assured most of them would also help their families at home purchase the vacciine once it becomes more available iif this was the happened this would take a little bit pressure of the government being able to vaccinate ………….. after telling my girlfriend of my thoughts she seemed feel a bit more positive

    1. If it is any consolation in the meanwhile, keep in mind that the mortality rate for Covid is extremely low. and of those who do contract it the majority come through it with no after effects.

      Personally to put it all in perspective I compare covid to be about as much a threat as dengue. Since there is already an antibody treatment now available by Lilly for those who do get covid, to me it makes more sense to take the treatment if needed rather than the vaccine. But that is simply my personal thought on that.

  23. If airlines were to require the covid vaccine before flying it would be helpful if ALL of the world’s flying public would have access to the vaccine.

    1. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea , Henry, I get your point. I am only saying that should airlines, or countries, require a vaccine, that all people have access to the vaccine first. I am not arguing the point of willingness as I have a feeling that decision will be decided for us if we want to travel.

    2. I see your point but the simple reality is that many people do not want the vaccine, no matter how available it is. and that is a large portion of the people who need to travel for business or want to for vacationing.

      personally, i think if a person can show a negative test-result prior to flying, that should always be an option for being allowed to travel.

  24. If not at risk from this flu why would I want this injected into my body? And don’t tell me it’s to save someone else.

  25. Now They Are Saying 2md Qt. For Vaccine And Travel After That, That Sucks If I Can’t Get To My Filipina Till August

  26. Reekay the ceo of qantas mr Allan Joyce said if you want to travel on their planes overseas you must have the vaccine also i think their talking about down loading it on your phone ect cheers

    1. They can’t require customers to download anything to their phones… because they can’t require their customers to have phones! Nor can they bar a customer from passage because their phone battery died, or their child just dropped it in the toilet, or its incompatible with the latest iOS release for iPhone 27’s with less than 1.5TB of memory on leap years…

  27. Maybe it’s a step forward, but one which not everyone will want to take. I expect all airlines will follow the lead of Qantas, and only accept passengers who have a proof of vaccination. Uk has started vaccination now , prioritising the oldest (85. +) plus health professionals, and working down through care home residents and staff , down to lower age groups. It could be a long time before countries like the Philippines gets widely vaccinated. I don’t imagine going back there anytime soon.

  28. As alwaysdetailed information presented well. Thankfully I have been to the Philippines, mainly Manilla. ON the whole Asia is on a massive shut down to the outside world. Out here in UK the Pfizer vaccine is being rolled and by 2/3 quarter 2021 everyone who needs it and wants it will have it.The UK took options on at least 6 vaccines to the tune of 300 million doses. Sadly I am seeing Asia (philippines, Thailand etc) not being accessible.Once I get my vaccine and travel is available, Latin America and Africa are options. whilst Tourism accounts for a small portion of the the PI GDP, that small portions does feed lots of folk ouit in the Islands that usaed to be visited by foreigners. Keep the videos coming.

  29. Seems like a lot of stupidity to me, no country is guna reissue millions of Passports when you could simply put proof of vaccine in a vaccine book as done with Yellow Fever. Up to the PI government if they choose to require vaccine to enter the country or not.

  30. TRENDS around Asia….”Korean Air has said there’s a “real possibility” airlines will mandate passengers take a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to travel.”

  31. TRENDS around Asia…”The CEO of Qantas Airlines also announced in November that the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for anyone boarding his flights and that this will become the norm for all international travel.”

    1. well, I am an Australian and I don’t like Qantas .when I fly the Philippines. I use Philippine airlines. I have seen over the years that Philippine airlines really supports their people possibly CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce is just saying this, it is shareholders happy currently at the moment Qantas is planning to lay off thousands of workers blaming covert 19 but the government has supported the airline and workers financial

  32. I had read that the ITAT (International Air Transport Association) was developing an App. They have the interest & resources to develop.

    1. True. IATA says it will be ready in the next week or two. There are already at least a couple of Covid 19 international travel apps developed, despite what Henry says, And they are from big players, like IBM & Clear. The problem is if & when governments will approve one

  33. great video Reekay. What’s next? a flue passport or a shingles passport or a Measles mumps and rubella passport? Jesus this is stupid. Covid is probably going to be around forever just like the flu, a year long flu season. just learn to deal with it or die and free up resources for the rest of us on earth who can survive it.

  34. It could take years for all the nations to get all their people inoculated and get this implemented and some former fashion so don’t look for no international travel to the Philippines for at least 2022 my opinion mid to late 2022 if then have a good day thanks for the information take care

  35. as we have found in the USA the corporations bypass the gov. I can’t walk into many stores without a mask because of store policies not gov. So Cebu P. says no travel without sick passport then you don’t fly. Instant. No recourse unless gov. says no, which they won’t because their puppets to controllers.

    1. Corparations don’t bypass the government, private bussiness can make policies as they see fit, you only have rights against the government not private bussiness for the most part although there are some exceptions to that.
      But private bussinesses need to apease the public to some degree or they won’t do bussiness with that bussiness so that do walk a fine-line.

  36. Everything starts with ideas and statements then they implement those very things. Won’t have to force any vaccines, they will just make sure if you don’t take them, you can’t do anything in this life. When will people wtf up. And yeah still no virus.

  37. We are starting to receive the first allocation of vaccine as we speak here in so cal .. The Pfizer Offering appear to be the most effective of the 3 or 4 western developed vaccines..The Astra Seneca that Cebu was referring to is the least effective of the bunch, at 70% vs Pfizer at 95% effective..Perhaps this will truly be the turning point for our travel needs! Thanks Reekay

    1. US is the most advance technologically country in the world , regardless of what hater’s say. Pfizer is based out of NYC where I use to live. Uk even used the Pfizer vaccine as there first vaccine given .

    2. Major Carlton. the way you worded that makes it sound like so cal has started vaccinating the public. they have not. all they have done is put storage enough of a still un approved Pfizer vaccine for about 100,000 people. and it is all ear marked for health care workers. there are about 24,000,000 people in the so cal area. it is a first step, but hardly a turning point. the current estimate is it will be the 3rd quarter of 2021 before the vaccine will be available to the average person in California. the Pfizer vaccine 95% effective in making you asymptomatic if you are infected with covid, but it is not known if it stops you from spreading it. we are entering the battle. but a long way from winning the war.

    3. How effective any of them are has not been proven nor will it be for some time. And please do not reference news or Pfizers claimed results since that is all there is and is not yet real.

    4. Stay informed M.C..
      The AstraZeneca Vaccine is/was never been tested successful on people older than 50 years or this bad results, never publiced! And latest News: an german virologists Prof. Dr. Something (sorry i forgot his name) says today, that the vaccinations will go on for ever like the flu vaccines, doesn’t matter at all if 90 %, 95% or 97.5% it will only soften the symptoms. All COVID-19-patients died on multiple organ failure. Other scientist try to find a medication for helping with the treatment of that multiple organ failures but no one government even the german gov. has no money for them and they only need 500 million and not billions of billions but there is no money except for the vaccines.

  38. Think for a lot of countries it is a matter of when not if some vaccination record/passport comes into effect.

    Very little chance of poorer developing countries with poor medical infrastructure being able to implement immunised herd immunity.

    This would enable international tourism to recommence.

    1. I live in PI. I support what the DOT supports, mandatory VAX for travel. So please, give me the VAX . However, I am not a “front liner, poor or indigent” so I have no priority here. This means DOT is supporting international travel for the front liners, poor and indigent but not most of the people who travel internationally.

  39. I am so disapointed with President Duterte as with this virus he seems to have become a sell out. I thought he was more than that. Unless….

  40. no, no , this idiotic statement can be read in different light, some deluded bastrds in tourist industry wishes ti force millions of people to be vaccinated in order to be available to travel, but hold on, there are new developments on grounds of vaccinate entire nations, people starts to develop side effects of this shit vaccine, so in other words , if any (even CebuPacific will force me to get vaccinated in order to be able to buy ticket) and after that I will develop life threatening side effects then this airline can expect legal action and possibility to get bust if I win.

    1. I won’t go there if they don’t reguire a vaccine. Each person will have different views but allowing in those who will get the vaccine will sure increase tourism far more then not allowing anyone in.

  41. No surprises there. All nations are following the Agenda 21/30 script. The wheels are in motion already. The forced vaccine to travel will hamper tourist, in my opinion.

    1. @Mike Meredeth It’s funny when you show people documents like agenda 21, agenda 2030, the great reset, reset the table, lockstep, etc. etc. and they think it’s some conspiracy nonsense. They literally tell you what they’re going to do and carry it out.

    2. @DissonantShadow Ticket master has already publicly proclaimed they will be asking for proof of vaccination in order for you to buy tickets to any events or concerts.

    3. @AVRO filmvideo u can literally go on the united Nations website and read about the goals of 21/30. You’re clearly ignorant about it so please pipe down.

    4. @Subotai Stupid? Like trusting government to tell you the truth? Like trusting a vaccine from a company that is exempt from prosecution or repercussions for any harm its’ vaccines cause? Small minds attack big ideas they cannot understand… try again Subotai

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