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New to forum but not the Phillipines  


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August 28, 2019 3:33 am  

Hello. I'm John, early 60's, retired and live in the Southwest US, but have been living part time in Cebu since 2014. I have a girlfriend who has two sons, and I keep a condo there, but after trying to live full-time in Cebu I found I could not deal with all the noise, traffic, pollution and hassles.. and have reverted back to spending about half my time in the US, with long winters there, and shorter trips in summer. I do enjoy areas such as Panglao but unfortunately the good schools for the boys are in Cebu. 

My girl and I have taken awesome trips to many countries in SE Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. We have been all over the Visayas and to Palawan. So many incredible adventures in 5 years. While here in the States I get to visit friends and do things I find difficult in the Philippines such as motorcycle touring, camping and other activities. I am also an avid cyclist and bike daily here without having to ingest large quantities of diesel smoke as I do when cycling in Cebu. This arrangement is the best of both worlds in some way but is very expensive to maintain and creates some issues with having a LD relationship. 

I appreciate all of the effort Reekay has put into this site and all the YouTube videos, which I have watched from time to time. His are the most thoughtful and insightful of all, imho. I'm happy to share my thoughts and I do participate in several forums in an effort to give back in some way.

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