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Introduction Kevin from LoveVisaLife  


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March 17, 2017 9:40 pm  

Hi All,

Thanks Reekay for creating this forum.

Congratulations on being voted best site. You deserve it.

I live in Starksboro, Vermont, USA.  I met the love of my live, Lea, in the Philippines. We met on Filipino Cupid. I went to the Philippines several times to visit her.

We got married in the Philippines in January 2016.

Through time, we succeeded in a long distance relationship, navigated the complicated and lengthy US Visa System and adjusted to our new life in the USA.

As a result of our journey, we share our experiences and recommendations to help others through our website and blog .

My real job is a civil engineer, but in the early morning, evening and weekends, I can be found blogging on our site.

Our site is about:

Love= Succeed in a long distance relationship including dating, engagement and marriage.

Visa= Navigating the complex and lengthy U.S. Visa system for fiance(e) and spousal Visa.

Life= Adjusting to new life in the USA including family, career, health, education, finances, and recreation.

Come visit us at our web site:  or Facebook @LoveVisaLife

Thanks everyone and thanks again Reekay.



Kevin Camara