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single parent women on dateinasia  


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May 10, 2017 11:26 pm  

I am wondering why the single parent ladies on dateinasia are so very hard to meet in real life,  

many just want to talk online forever and keep saying we need to know each other more, 

are these ladies married and just wishing to stretch things out to get you hooked!  or is it the same on all internet dating sites, some of these women are very beautiful  and  its hard to think they are alone

anyone had experience in meeting women with kids  online......

             jeffrey allan

The Emu
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May 24, 2017 6:33 am  

Hi Jeff;

Let's go through your post:

  1. Single parent ladies - Have you actually (beyond any reasonable doubt) confirmed they are indeed single, and furthermore female?
  2. Have you seen these 'alleged' children, can you 100% confirm they are actually hers? Families can be very large in the Philippines, and extended families even larger - even if you have seen children on webcam scampering around the house, they may well not be hers.
  3. We need to know each other more - Are they asking you for money, or alluding to same? Be very careful here, Filipinas are very crafty with their wording and choice of words, even though they will say they do not speak good English! A lot will not ask directly, asking in the sense we would perceive asking. Rather they will slip into a conversation "My phone it is so slow, I can't get apps to work, I'm worried one day it won't work and we won't be able to talk", what is really happening here is just a wordy way of asking you to buy her a phone, then of course if you do and later on down the track you mention that you brought her the phone, her immediate retort will be "I never asked you to buy it" - it is one way they use to diminish their responsibility in certain circumstances.
  4. Married - Only way to clearly know would be to see their (photo) ID and a Cenomar (Certificate of No Marriage).
  5. Stretching things out - No, most (if not all) Filipinas if they feel they are onto a decent guy, they will nail you to the wall like a butterfly in a display case. They will be wanting you to prove your sole allegiance to them and them only - usually within weeks (sometimes days!) of first talking. Now this does not mean they are going to do the same, many will play the field to get the best home run they can.
  6. Single woman with children online - Can be a bit of a minefield, sorry to say Jeff. Think about it, they (at least this is what your being told) single, with children, with no viable means of support or income, very few single mums in the Philippines actually have gainful employment, even if they do have a job, it is highly likely that it won't be covering the monthly cost of living.

    I am guessing by your post you may not have been to the Philippines as yet, if not, then it will be an eye opener for you.

    Rent for a modest house (what we would call a townhouse) is around PHP 5000 a month, give or take, you can get cheaper and you can get dearer, but for arguments sake, let's settle on 5000 peso. Water and Power bills, depending on usage would come in at around 3000 - 4000 per month. When I was there last, our water/power bills usually ran around 1500 a piece. So that is 8000 - 9000 peso a month so far, and we have not touched on food, and basic living needs. You get the picture though. Even with a job, 8000 peso or more is a huge amount of money to come up with each month. Given that even at a high daily rate, most would get around 300 peso a day, yes a day! That would work out to 6000 peso a month gross income. Unless they are lucky enough to live very close to their place of work, most would get jeepneys and tricycles to and from work, so that might drop the daily take back to the 200 peso mark.

    A lot (not all, but a lot) of single parent Filipinas do supplement their income, or derive their sole income from 'horny and/or lonely" foreigners. Yes I mean sex. Although don't suggest, nor do they class themselves as prostitutes (Poc Poc). It is a sad fact of life for many single filipina parents, which basically boils down to survival, doing what they need to in order to put food into their kids mouths and clothes on their backs. This does not mean they are bad people, it just means they are in a very bad situation. No such thing as child support over there mate - if there is, it would be almost impossible to get it! Most dads simply vanish into the ether, and it is very easy to vanish in the Philippines.

    So if they (the girl/s) you have being talking to have got a sense that you may not be coming to the Philippines anytime soon, they may be doing exactly what you suspect, stringing you along until you do, then the meet-up will no doubt be requested, which at you will feel obliged to pay for. It may be that they are looking for gents who are coming to the Philippines within a short span of time, with the view of being a short-term girlfriend for want of a better description.

    Another trap to be wary of is the actual husband (yes they may well be married!) is passed off as a brother or a cousin or some far-flung family relative, who for equally dubious reasons has to reside at her house as he has nowhere else to stay. 

    My honest advice to you: Forget dating sites, even the likes of tagged and Facebook etc - they are predominantly scammers all waiting for the next wallet-full of pesos to land at NAIA. If you read through some of Reekays blog, you will see it is exceptionally easy to meet very nice ladies when you are there on the ground. It is also a much safer way to meet them. You may see a lady who catches your eye at the local Sari, SM Supermarket etc. Don't go like a bull at a gate, sit back observe. I don't mean become a stalker either 🙂 But you can get a bit of an idea about her by observing her habits. Talk nicely to her, nothing to immediately indicate your looking and judge her response, tell her that you have come for a holiday and don't know anyone here and having trouble finding your way around. Don't expect her to jump at you with unbridled joy, it probably won't happen, they are pretty shy. When she takes her lunch break, and if you are there, ask if you can have lunch with her, even offer to pay - filipinas love food! However you approach it, don't be pushy, don't make her feel uncomfortable and do not, do not under any circumstances create a scene or carry on like a dick if you are rejected. Filipinos do not tolerate scenes or acting out in public, and not only will you look like a total arsehole to her, there may be another girl (who is interested in you) watching, and she too will think your just an arsehole. So you have just killed two birds with the one stone!, to use the old saying in another context. 

    I recommend you go there, keep a good reign on your wallet, look around, enjoy the country and the culture - see if you like it first.
    Try not to let your dick short circuit your brain and blow your money on the first girl who pays you some attention, take it slow and steady hot-rod. If they are genuine they won't be asking you for money, although you may be expected to pay for outings, which you should anyway! And with the exchange rate this is not going to dent your bank balance very much, unless you go totally beserk and head to Boracay or the likes for a week 🙂

    Good luck with your endeavours, keep safe my friend and keep your wits about you.