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Cagbalete Island- A Secluded, Quiet, Natural and Inexpensive Vacation Island  


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April 27, 2017 2:26 am  

Girls doing a jump shot photo on the beach of Cagbalete Island.

Why Choose Cagbalete Island

A couple on the beach at Joven's Blue Sea Resort on Cagbalete IslandWhy did Lea and I specifically choose to go to Cagbalete Island on our honeymoon? Above all, we wanted to go to a place that was secluded, quiet, natural and inexpensive.  For these reasons, we chose Cagbalete Island for our honeymoon. We specifically wanted to get away from the urban hustle and bustle.

Lea had been to Cagbalete Island before with a group of friends from work. When we discussed what type of place that we wanted to go to for our honeymoon, Lea said “I know just the place. Cagbalete Island.” I was surely not disappointed. In fact, it was exactly as Lea described.

Without doubt, Cagbalete Island is our recommendation for the most quiet, natural and inexpensive vacation island in all of Luzon. Here you find a secluded, quiet, natural and inexpensive vacation island with small resorts, beautiful beaches, blue water and lots of nature.

Cagbalete Island is also known for its clean blue water, diverse ecosystem with many types of birds and rich marine life. Take a boat ride and see beautiful corals, schools of fish and many starfish.

Cagbelete Island is no Boracay. In contrast, there are no large hotels. Likewise, it’s not a party scene. Truly, it’s purely a quiet place to relax and enjoy the scenery and nature.

If you are on vacation or live in Manila, Cagbalete Island may also be for you. Manila is a fun place to visit or life in. There are great restaurants, shopping and lots of things to see or do. However, it is very noisy, crowded, and especially, there are no beaches. In fact, Manila Bay is one of the most polluted waters in the world.

Just 3.5 hours from Manila, Cagbalete Island is a place to relax and get away from the noise and crowded city life.

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