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house and lot title  


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July 7, 2019 12:10 am  

According to online people it seen that the wife get the house and land to her name but their is a way for expat to be on the title,  here how it is done, you draft a business agreement with your wife, the philippines rules are, 50/50 for the house and 40/60 for the lots, you used a lawyer to do the transaction, the title will show your wife name and your name and your nationality, here what is important, if you pass on your wife get it but if she pass on the government will give you all the time to disposed of it, if you have children in the Philippine, they  will let you raise them and once they become adult , you add them to the title or you give them the house. I have been in the philippines for a long time and cannot understand why expat put all to their wife  name, it is your money protect your investment.