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My New TMX Supremo 150 (paid 68k on Bohol)  


scott therock
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December 26, 2016 7:58 am  

First of all if you ride a bike you will sooner or later crash. Hopefully most are low speed fall overs.  We can talk about road dangers later. 

I have rented many scooters here in the PI's and Thailand. Scooters are fun very easy to ride, auto clutch and a low center of gravity. 

This time when it came for a new bike i wanted something bigger. Bigger seat and bigger engine. thus the TMX 150, the kind of bike you will see pulling trikes around.

I like the traditional style. The hand clutch took some relearning because it is mostly a subconscious reflex. The factory smooth tires needed to be changed out with a more wet road, dirt tire. (600 p each installed). The TMX has a more road bike feel. It is not a 30 incher (650cc) but it has a nice feel and larger exhaust pipes. The hand clutch is breaking in slowly, a bit grabby at first. The fuel tank is huge, 10 litres, with a reserve fuel switch.

One thing i found very useful is a passing headlight flasher. Well positioned on the left hand. Thumb rest on the horn, index finger on the light flasher. Surprisingly very helpful getting passing opposite direction cars to give some lane back. The 150 engine nicely gets me past slow trikes and black pipe jeepneys. The gear ratios are tight and not nearly as forgiving as a scooter. I had better be in the right gear for the hill or it gags and dies. Unlike a scooter that just seems to go no mater what.

Scooters might be more fun to run around to the mall easier to manhandle into a parking slot and the low center of gravity and auto clutch makes for easy city driving.

The TMX Supremo has a better seat and the power to eat up road.  The bike will go faster but gets me to 60 kph easily and cruses nicely there. 

Most all scooters have front disk breaks, something I have grown used to. The TMX has drum breaks fount and back. This had me concerned but has proven to be a non-issue for me.  The drum breaks work fine and I do ride in the rain. 

Good luck and safe driving.