Choosing Your Future Life Path – Philippines

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Author: Reekay

About Me.. In 2011 I made the decision to move to the Philippines within a year. Since 2012 I’ve been traveling through various islands of the Philippines as a full-time Expat. (Mactan, Bohol, Panglao, Moalboal, Dumaguete, Bacong, Boracay, Cebu) I recently spent the year living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Share with me here my ongoing adventures of life in the Philippines. Dating, vlogging, cooking, traveling and sharing the information with you needed to make your own plans for living as a full-time expat in Southeast Asia.
— Reekay


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  2. You’re just thinking out loud. Good stuff. I’m not looking for a woman in her child bearing years. We both know that we want to enjoy life going through it together. Praying for travel to get back.

  3. A nice side benefit of fulfilling your young woman’s greatest desire (having a family) is your social security pension w/ almost double in size..Focus on her needs and your own needs will be taken care of..

    1. with USA SS, benefits increase with each child. and survivor’s benefits for those children continue until they are 18. (or 21, if they are in college).

      however, a filipina spouse to an american must meet SS requirements (often residency in the usa) in order to continue getting survivor SS benefits after the american has passed away.

  4. After being in the Phils over 3 years now, Option A is my choice. At 64 this option is what I really want & need. I don’t make a good chicks-boy & I finally think now I have someone who IS what I’ve been really looking for……..

  5. I really think marriage is for women, not for men. Sounds weird because you need both for a marriage, but if something only benefits one party, is it still in the other party’s interest?

  6. I always thought due to my health issues from my mid 20’s to my 40’s that my life would always be that of a single guy. I found my Jen and now could not imagine a day without her in it. Without meeting her I am fairly sure I would not have made 50. Now I am happier than I have ever been at any point in my adult life. There is even talk of a child and while I worry I may not be around long enough to impart my guidance I know with Jen around they will be fine. Who knows my Dad is stll kicking at 73 and I am 53 so maybe I will surprise myself. For me, Option A is a simple choice and anything others may feel I am sacrificing I would say I do so and know the benefits just work for me.

  7. Thanks Reekay, You have said this in the past: Before coming to the Philippines, know what you want. I believe we all are searching for something in our lives yet spending the time to understand ourselves and knowing what you want is key to finding it. Besides you avoid a lot of problems this way also. Smiles

  8. Reekay you never told us what is good for you. For me I have been single for 22 years so maybe A is good for me now. With the right person of course.

    1. On target ,,He , in this video he talks about himself,.. It is described inaccurately as he is. But it doesn’t give its answer on the subject ??? where is he now //which is that of it (A ?OR B?)

  9. Option B is the most appealing. If you are over 60, suggest having one or two really good female friends that fulfill your need for stable companionship, but stay with Option B for your love relationship.

    1. Hong Kong is a good option, unlimited supply 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, sounds good right

      Just a slight obstacle in the way, Stamina

      I’m learning to pace myself now, so a different lady each day is my happy medium and suits my agenda

  10. Oh! I am great believer in polygamy and often there are women that accept that. I do mean wives not gf’s. Wives do need financial security and children. Being wives they realize they need to play their part as there always other wives.
    Polygamy is legal for 1 group in philippines.

  11. “Focus on your purpose. It’s easy to get up out of bed in the morning when you’re pouring it on” — from the book, The Pain before the Game.

  12. When I finally get there it will be under Option B, having been a bachelor for going on 20 years now. Option B will stay a while as I’d like to explore other parts of Asia as well.

    Still, I’m open to the possibility of Option A (without having more kids) if the woman and situation is right.

  13. I been married 3 times And divorced three times. My second wife was from Russia and same the third one. Not going that direction again. I brought both to US and lost everything.esson learned after the second Russian. So getting married again for the 4th time is not in my agenda ..I am broke already for that. Option B will be my option. But just not living together for 10 years but making it the rest of my life if everything goes well.

  14. Actually a little bit of option B…..and option A….committed relationship, but in no hurry for marriage…obviously I’ll be in my mid 50s…I’m not thrilled having someone try and control what I do or when I do it….unless she makes more money than me…then I’d be willing to listen….but truth be told…a girlfriend really has no say and no rights….until she wears my ring….I don’t want to hear her complain about where I go,when I go….how I spend my money…in the end….honesty,trust and respect is what we all a pinay or really any woman… or no kids….I’m fine either way..but I’d like to have a son if there are kids….already have 2 girls from previous marriage…but there isn’t divorce in the Philippines…so whoever the pinay ends up be….she better be willing to invest years before she becomes my bride

  15. Glad you reminded me of what I should be doing before I visit Philippines. Time to map out what I want, and don’t want in the next 5 years.

  16. My choice would be A. I am a dedicated father to my 3 sons despite being divorced for the past 6 years and NEED a wife who is loving, caring, respectful and most importantly, communicative. I need her to be by my side, throughout our journeys, while we grow old together. Someone to love forever and enjoy all that life brings. That’s my happiness.

  17. OK primero muchos de los expats que conosco todos estan arriba de 60 ,,asi que saca numeros de aca a 10 anios si estan para ser perros callejeros or que les den las medicinas l le preparen desayubo,almuerso cena ,limpien y en fin (todos los dias) ..los que estan debajo de 60 ,y todavia ni se preocupan en mirar un hospital cerca de donde viven ,,(porque estan muy sanos), ESOS se pueden casar otra ves ,(algunos ya estan casados 1 o 2 veses en sus paises)) tener otros hijos aparte de los que ya tienen en usa empesar otra ves una familia a los 50 + /claro todo esto implica money a lot of money //el factor primordial de A Y B = 401k . retiro del sosial//, imverciones en acciones ,o algunos cobraron la mitad de la casa que sus ex les dejo ..otros solo tienen dinero para gastar ///.. NO ES SIMPLE (A o B) hay muchos parametros por completar ,,Los nuevos que estan por empesar a ser expats y los perros viejos que ya sabemos DE QUE SE TRATA todo esto ..POR MI LADO A (es la que yo estoy husando) sin estar casado sin tene hijos sin haber comprado una casa etc 8 anios y contando ,Yya estoy haciendo nuevos planes para otro pais ,(ES MI OPINION)

  18. Yeah… I’m old. In 10 years, I’m circling the drain. I’m thinking single. I don’t think there is a scenario that ends well if I’m with someone else. Peace ✌

  19. yes i am 50 and i have never had a real relationship but now i have met a beautiful filopina and i want this to work out more than anything but i am afraid of over complicating my life or striking out with her let alone when we will be able to travel . i tend to over think things but i don,t just want to wing it ether . we have only been talking for 2 months and even though we haven’t met i know she is the one but yet i am afraid of the unknown . i guess its just going to take time . 10 years from now i hope to be marred to her with children . but only time will tell . wish me luck because i am going to need it .

    1. Never ever think this is the one especially with pinay, they will bite your ass when you are least expecting it

      Tread carefully

    2. You want to father children in your 50’s? Bruh, you have no idea what you’re saying. Been there done that and it’s not a game for an (no offense) old man. If she’s got kids already then ok. But don’t worry about what some random guy (me) on the internet thinks. Live your life however you want.

    3. You say: You want this to work out more than anything. This is a good place to be when you have met the person and spent considerable time with them but to say this at this stage of online for 2 months is a recipe for disaster. You should be afraid of the unknown because you do not really know her after only two months. Long distance relationship is to easy to hide one’s true nature. Chemistry in person needs to be tested. Take your time, if it is meant to be time will be your friend.

    4. Andy, there’s no way to know somebody is The One until you’ve spent time together. For all you know, either she’s married or you’re talking to a dude. Obviously I hope things work for you, but you need to go in eyes wide open (if you ever even get there).

  20. Long time no comment…I’m option C…already married to a Filipina here in the US after two visits there and several years of weekly internet time. 10 years from retirement, no kids at all, looking to settle on Bohol or Cebu or who knows. Hard to pick someplace equitable due to not having travelled extensively in the country. Gotta do what recon we can when we vacation. Plenty of places to visit, hard to find the place to settle. An adventure unto itself.

  21. I think many need to see and meet as I have a very elderly expat who was alone without much support ,then some or many may reconsider thier options of a long or life term “B” life in a foriegn country.Seeing the end from the beginning is the perspective to have or where is this going to end up if I decide only a certain path.I was happy with “B” for a long time and hopeful of “A” now hope has paid off.

  22. Option C = not A not B coz I’ll probably be dead coz of the pain I have and I’m tired of it so death is a good option right now

    1. Clay, I do not pretend to know the pain you are in. But since you are here I can tell you that I know first hand of people that live in the Philippines and it has given them new found joy in life, others it has allowed them to stop medication they were on before coming to the Philippines (with Doctor advice). You have choice.

    2. You found a 3rd option.
      I was in your shoes 10 years ago
      Wife had an affair and divorced me
      Got pancreatic Cancer, terminal
      Got in a terrible vehicle accident, died @ the scene.
      Living with constant back pain.
      On Oxy Condone
      But slowly, I worked out my negative thoughts.
      When you hit bottom, it’s ok
      Just don’t give up
      You have a choice and it took years. But the tough get tougher and find a way to crawl out from under that heavy rock.
      Start with a list of positives to stay alive and get better.
      Speak and think positive thoughts
      1day at a time. Workout, eat right, and find a good fillipina.
      They are very understanding and helpful carring women.
      You find a province girl and your life will become worth living.
      Trust me. I did it myself ☺️
      God Bless

  23. Appreciate the sentiment of this but most people don’t know what they want until they find it, and even when they do it’s subject to change. Reflection is all well and good but I’d rather just live each day like it’s your last and let the jigsaw of life take care of itself.

  24. You will never be happy, until you realize that you will never be happy. Single guy wants to be married, married guy wants to be single. You make your own bed and you sleep in it. “Either way, you wake up with yourself..” (Billy Joel, “My life”) “WORD” lol

  25. Both options are not congruent with the true nature of men.
    There actually is an option three that more realistically matches the true nature of men.

    1. Cake and eat it while sowing the seeds of love

      Unfortunately that is also the ideal scenario a lot of pinay like to practice

      Especially with us mugs back in our own country drip feeding them peso while they are jumping anything in sight, including chair legs…..

      No limits or boundaries to these girls appetites

      Tread very carefully

  26. I came here for only reason two years ago to be with my GF & I am finally probably for the first time very happy with my life. So ten years from now I want to be with her. Not everyone wants that or should they. Just be honest with yourself & know what you want out of life. Set your course and go for it.

  27. Most in life are not trustworthy, chasing desires and being unfulfilled, living in contumacy means most humans are not satisfied with their lot or satisfied for s while alone. Thus, proceed with doubt unless you live with direction.

  28. I’m looking for C, have a gf on the side but not commiting more than I’m willing to lose. If she gets annoying, I want to have the power to kick her out fast without drama.

    1. @David
      Much more beautiful, what?
      Theres beautiful girls in EVERY country in the whole world & in no way are girls in Thailand much more beautiful than the Philippines. Maybe for you, but that’s not for others.

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