A Night ‘Out’.. To Clear My Head

Well, it’s 4:52am.. I just got back home about 20 minutes ago from the club and.. I’m still not tired.  But, it was good to get ‘out’ and it did help me get my head on a little bit straighter so I’d call it a good evening.  As I mentioned in my last Diary Post for November, I’d been in a ‘funk’ for 2 days and was looking for a way to snap out of it and a night of loud music and dancing seemed like a good way to go about it.

I hadn’t had dinner and it was already after 11pm by the time I left the house so I stopped by the Burger Junction down the street.  They are open 24 hours and I can get 2 really cheap burgers and a drink really quick there.  (super cheap, too)  If I’ve learned anything over the years it is, “Never drink on an empty stomach.”

From there I got a taxi to the Imperial Resort, which is next door to Chicago Joe’s.  Usually I have the taxi take me straight to the gate at the dance-club but this guy didn’t seem to know the way and I didn’t feel like explaining it so I had him drop me off outside the resort.  It was almost midnight and not too many people around.  The last thing I heard from the taxi-driver before closing the door was, “Be careful, sir.  You be careful.”  Sure enough as he pulled away a few guys started calling out, “My friend!” from about a group of 14 of them from across the street.  I just waved at them as I walked away, no hassles occurred.

I went down the block and turned down the alley.  As I did another stranger-dude yelled out to me, “Going to Chicago Joe’s?  A good time?“.  Without breaking stride I just yelled back, “Yah.. running late.”  Just as I walked up to the gate a very nicely dressed woman who was leaving in a black dress (very beautiful, wow.. she’s a knockout) looked at me and said, “Henry!  Oh my gosh.. it’s you.”  Turns out she is one of the admin office women, Mei Luh, who runs Chicago Joe’s behind the scenes with their Facebook page, accounting, etc.  She had seen the video I did of Chicago Joe’s and came to greet me.  She insisted on walking me in all the way back to the bar where Joe was.  That was cool.. no cover charge.  Joe said he loved the video and is going to play the hell out of it on his website.

The only bummer is that I had missed the Christmas dinner that I knew nothing about.  But that’s ok.  I got a beer and took up a chair near the dance floor to survey my options for the evening.  After weeding out the women that were either with a date or not attractive to me.. I narrowed it down to three sets of women that I should get to know.  This is where it gets awkward since I’m a normal human being.  If I approach a group of two or three women and they welcome me into their fold, I kinda feel bad about switching to a different set of women mid-stream.  Just strikes me as kinda rude.  I know other guys don’t give a damn but, I have some sense of loyalty even if just for a few hours.  So I had to observe the three candidate groups and make a decision for the night.  I eliminated one group when I saw that the really hot girl was a smoker.  Deal breaker for me, not into women who smoke.  In group ‘A’, two of the three girls were really tiny and very sexy dancers.  In group ‘B’, they were very slender (a plus, but common here) and had a sultry way about them.  In group ‘C’ was a tall, yet very slender German woman with two Asian girls that were really, really cute.  But that tall German lady was kinda giving me the heebie-jeebies.  One of the girls in group ‘A’ kept smiling at me from across the dance floor so that kinda gave them the edge.

I finished my beer, got a strawberry margarita and approached the smiling girl from Group ‘A’ when they returned to their table.  Before I could even say anything she gestured to the chair and invited me in.  She was very cute, about 90 pounds and even prettier up close than I’d first thought.  One of her friends, the one she was dancing with, was even tinier.. about 80 pounds and was extremely hammered already.  The third gal in their group I’d seen before at the Halloween party there, she was older and not my type at all.  I started talking with the smiling girl, turns out her name is Lorraine.  Within 5 minutes I had her cell phone number just in case I wanted to text her sometime.

Good thing was that they didn’t hit me up for drinks or food like most girls do.  The two cuter ones had me out on the dance floor where we spent most of our time.  The tiny one, who was really drunk, was rubbing me in ways as if she really knew me on a personal level.  But I seemed to actually be paired up with Lorraine for the most part even though I kept ending up sandwiched between them in one grinding session after another every few minutes.  We had a fun time.  Eventually making our way back to the table.

Sure enough, this was about the time even MORE pairs of extremely hot looking girls starting showing up.  But, like I said.. loyalty.  Besides, Lorraine had a sweet way about her.. not jaded or harsh like some of these club girls.  Pretty soon the dance floor was just filled with more pretty girls dancing with each other than I could keep track of.  And there were only maybe 9 of us foreigners in the club and about 5 of them were just paralyzed to their barstool, sipping away on their beer waiting for one of these girls to approach them I suppose.  (These were some older, white-guys in their late 60’s who had no ‘game’ whatsoever.)  So it was me, a young white dude and a few Koreans who were spread out amongst these women and there were too many for us.  The Filipino guys I saw there were either out of their league with these girls, or ladyboys or gays so.. us foreigners pretty much had our pick.  Except for the two really, really, REALLY hot girls that strolled in.  Even Chicago Joe was impressed as we looked at each other watching them dance together.  They were.. amazing.  But they’d obviously made a death-pact before entering the club that they’d not give any time to any guys for the night.  They shunned about 15 guys who tried to dance with them and bought their own beers.  They were just there to dance.. and watch us drool.

Lorraine took her drunk friend to the CR (ladies room) and that left me with their older friend.  “You like Lorraine?  Yes?“, she shouted over the music into my ear.  “She’s nice.”, I replied.  “Would you like her to go home with you?“, she responded.  “I’ll see if she’s open to that when she gets back.”, I said as diplomatically as I could.  “It will cost 3,000 pesos.“, she countered.  I paused for a second and told her, “That’s good.. because I only charge 3,000 pesos for my services so.. we’ll just call it even.”  At that point she was speechless.  Check-mate, woman.  This is not my first rodeo.

Some more dancing, bumping, grinding and touchy-grabby sandwiching and after more than an hour of that I was ready to leave.  Especially now that her friend had put a whole other twist on things, but I wanted to confirm this with Lorraine before making any assumptions.  Maybe her friend was just drunk and trying to make a few pesos off her friend without her knowledge.  (could happen)  I went outside where we could talk and said, “Well, that’s it for me.. I’m going home.  Nice meeting you, ladies.”  Lorraine turned to me and said, “So.. I go home with you?”  She actually said it with sincerity and hope in her eyes, so I figured things needed some sorting out.  This was no time to be making decisions based on assumptions.

Well, your friend here says she wants 3,000 pesos before you come to my house for some fun.  But.. I don’t pay for fun.  I’ll make you happy a couple times, I think that’s a fair enough trade in itself.”  Lorraine then turned to her older friend and said, “See.. I told you he’s not like that.”  I wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or not.

So as confusion began to mount I finally looked directly at Lorraine and said, “Hey.. you’re a very attractive lady and if you ever want to just hang out for fun, text me sometime.  But.. I’m going home now and you gals, well.. I’ll pay for your way home but that’s about it.”  I gave her 200 pesos for a tricycle.  The older woman tried to hit me up for 400 so I told her, “You mentioned you live here on Mactan.  I could get from here to Cebu and back again for 400 pesos.”  That pretty much ended that request.  I grabbed a tricycle, hopped in and disappeared into the night as the three of them figured out the rest among themselves outside the club.

So.. while my plans for Lorraine didn’t quite go as planned, I still accomplished what I’d hoped.  I got my mind off my funk, had a few drinks, some fun on the dance floor and only had two drinks.  I don’t think I spent even $15 the whole night including all the transportation costs involved.   Plus, I was visually reminded that the one girl I am just nuts for, who shows no interest in me, is not one I should be pining for when there are SO many other young ladies out here.  Granted, none of them will ever be her.  But, it’s still a huge consolation pool to wade in as I move on to see what my other options are.

So, all in all I’d call it a success.  I’ll get a bit of sleep and start the day fresh.  A bit ago I sent Lorraine a short text saying I had a good time and if she wanted to meet for lunch sometime to let me know.  But this time without her ‘manager’ friend or crazy drunk (but really cute) friend tagging along.  Then we’ll be on my home advantage turf.   And that’s if I even want to meet with her again.  As girlfriend material, not gonna happen.  Aside from the shady beginnings, Lorraine also says she has a 2-year old kid so.. once again the baby-clause comes in as a deal-breaker.

I’ll just have to keep on looking.  Sun is up now, so that’s my cue to get some shut-eye.

Henry V.


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  1. I just wished that Lady wearing in black dress accommodates you even in a very short time. But am pretty sure she's glad to finally meet you in person! (^,~)

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