The Opportunity

GEM – Grace Entertainment Media

GEM will change the world

The world is getting worse and media is a big part of the problem.  It regularly offers our families biased news, gratuitous violence, obscenity, profanity and porn.  GEM is a big part of the solution.  We offer you and your family a comprehensive Web Hub filtered of all objectionable content.  It will become the dominant entertainment Super Site in the world.  GEM targets the largest demographic group on the globe – Christians and others who want to safeguard their families. That’s over 2.2 billion people and 75% of all Americans. Creative safe media will draw them to GEM, generating plentiful profits through advertising, affiliate partnerships and premium services.

How will we do that?

GEM will become the most comprehensive source for family friendly entertainment, products, services and more using a vast variety of television and radio channels, movies, music and video-on-demand, worship, social networking, web searching, and an amazing array of products. Our Facebook will be like “Gracebook”, our ITunes “HeTunes”, our Netflix “GEMFlix” and our Amazon simply “Amazing.” All content, products and services will be sanitized of offensive material.

Use the following links to view a more detailed Business Plan and our PowerPoint presentations on our venture.  If you need a free Powerpoint  or PDF Viewer you can download either below for free.

Feel free to Contact me if you have any other questions
not addressed here or to discuss the project in greater detail.
Ken R. Unger

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GEM Powerpoint Presentation  ~  GEM Opportunity (doc)

~  What is GEM? ~

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